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Do you know what is a hermit crab? Have you seen one but just couldn't recognize it?


Okay, as you see in the image above that was a hermit crab. It was inside of a shell from a seashell. I didn't know where this creature came from. As I just remembered it was like a seashell but an old one. I mean from their appearance it's obvious. This shell wasn't its shell. Don't worry I'm going to show you how it looks like without a shell. I will remove its shell, of course, to use it as a bait for a fishing hook.


I smashed its shell to destroy the shell. I controlled my strength in smashing it to make sure not to flatten the hermit crab. It will be a waste if that happens. But as you can see in the image I didn't break the shell strongly. The hermit crab was still alive and looks the same as its original form. I will place inside it the fishing hook of it. By doing that I could fool the fish. In that bait, there will be no hook.


After removing the whole body of a hermit crab from its shell. I pulled its tail or body from its head. I don't know how it was being called, a body or just its claws. You can see in that image that I did it well. I separated the tail from its body. I did it because I'll be using is the tail. This is not my idea actually, I just learned from old fishermen.

By the way, there are many types of bait in fishing through the fishing hook. The fooling bait, sand earthworm, shrimp, fish and many more. I just chose this hermit crab as bait because it's easier to find and I don't need money to buy it. I just found them in the shore. I don't need to spend money on having a bait. I will be fishing in the near part of the sea. I will not be riding a boat so this way will be convenient.

I don't know much about the types of fishing. I'm not literally a fisherman. I'm just doing it to for my mother's viand food. We bought the fish she wanted because now that she's older. She's picky of fish, she said her body felt ill if she would eat just random fish. To help my mother not buying fish all the time. This is just my way of helping since I'm not working yet. I'm just slowly earning money to be back in the city and will apply for a job.


Okay back to the bait. After removing the tail part of the hermit crab. I placed the fishing hook inside by piercing the tail. I will make sure that the hook will not be seen. I don't know what will be the purpose. I just think that making like this is to make sure the fish will eat it right away. But just so you know there's no assurance to catch fish right away.

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