Nature is healing me

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For you to know I'm on quarantine but not because I have covid. It's just a health protocol in our town when someone goes home from other regions. It's kind of tiring and depressing because I'll be staying in school for 21 days. You know schools, there will always some histories and paranormal events for sure. Every night I felt like someone's watching me or just my mind was creating it because of so much silence. That's why I never stop thinking of what will happen to me when I sleep or if I can sleep. It's so stressing when night comes because of fear. But I still love it here because of what's outside.

I see trees, plants, vegetables, grasses, flowers, and fruits. I hear birds chirping, insects noising and oh, a mosquito so annoying. Thanks for this every morning I feel like my energy is coming back. When day 2 I couldn't sleep well because of paranormal events. But when I woke up and gazed nature surrounds me. I felt alive again. I felt like the positive energy from nature was coming inside my body. I just feel the wind from trees and an inhale deeply. I say, "I feel amazing."

That's the place I sit when I wanted to write or just browsing on my phone. I love the feeling when trees are sheltering because it's not cold and it's not warm. But before I stay there to relax I make sure to have an exercise when the clock ticks at 5 in the morning. Approximately 5m I'm walking around and jogging around. I have limited space so I just keep going around to have sweat in my body. It's not that bad to have that short distance of walking or jogging because nature amused me. It's too much already since I could see and I could feel the nature. Maybe I'm just a nature lover that's why for me it's enough already.

I enjoyed watching the gardens that give me a happy mind. That kind of activity was not too much but I felt like I'm contented with it. The negative thoughts I was having before I came here was slowly fading. I didn't think of how I felt ill or how I felt afraid what's happening to me. Not just my body is healing now but also my mind. I could think well and in my thoughts, I'm feeling happy even though it's almost the same when I was in my boarding house. The situation is similar but the feeling is different.

For now, I'm not counting the days that I'll be staying here. I'm just chilling here, writing posts in the hive and sometimes interacting. I'm always writing fiction stories through papers so I could limit myself in using my phone. That way I wouldn't feel stressing but instead enjoying. So it's almost 5 days that I'm staying here. Time flies when you're diverting yourself from anything else and if you enjoy it.

Thank you for reading

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