Today is sublime sunday (like home)

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Every day there's nothing I did but to count on. When will I go home, when will I see home? Families are waiting, friends are waiting and I am waiting. I'm waiting for someone I knew to spend a day to relieve my loneliness. It's not easy even if I wanted to because corona is ruining everything. Spending alone and thinking countlessly because of eagerness. I really wanted to go home but maybe even if I'm not home as long as I will see someone from home. I was hoping because every day thinking of not being able to go home makes me crazy. It's not easy when you already understood that it won't happen for now. I have no choice but to be sad most of the day.

Then just this week, days ago to be precise. One of my friends invited me to go to the beach. Of course, friends from home and even neighbours will be there he said. One problem that worried me was the money in going to that place and a little amount for food. I was eager to join but because of a hindrance. I was being true to myself and told my friend right away. "I really really want to join you guys but for now I have no enough money. I'm going home for now and I spent my remaining money for the fare." I didn't want to pretend and I wanted them to know how desperate I am to be with people like I feel I'm home. Thankfully, he said it's fine because he has something there. I didn't think twice and I said "yes."I will be just the one to the working because I will have no budget for now. He understood me but all of us were working.

The moment came and we arrived in one of the beaches in Lapu-Lapu Cebu City. I was already happy when I saw them in a boarding house where we cooked our food to bring in the beach. It just made me happier as I saw the vast ocean. The feeling and the smell was home. Of course, I didn't cry. I'm adult you know but deep inside by not telling someone. My heart started crying inside because of happiness.

The sea was the same in our place. The aura in the surrounding was like home. Hmmm, I smelled the soft sound of the small waves. I tasted the salt wind from the sea. I felt the sea touched my skin every time the waves smashed the shore. I then remembered I really miss home. Thankful as well because for a short time I thought this was home.

I felt satisfied and then looked back behind me. My friends were there and the feeling of home was with them. I became emotional but only showed with a smiling face. It will be awkward if I will shed tears at that time with them. I cherished the moment with them as we had conversations about how was home, and many more about home. I felt the nostalgic feeling that for sure even time will pass. The memories with them will still vivid.

This day became sublime as I enjoyed this day so much. It was tiring but it was very fun. I was happy when I arrived home that I didn't let it pass to be with them. It gives me so much happiness that until now my mind is so peaceful and my heart feels light.

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