A REWARD For Hard Work (Surprise Ending)

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I honestly needed the encouragement!

Sometimes, you just don't feel like working at all, much less working hard. In this video, I bribe myself to do the right thing. I needed to progress on my top priority, so I decided that if I could finish the top step of my root cellar / storm shelter stairwell in time, then I could take a couple of the children out fishing at the lake. While we didn't get an amazing amount of fish, we still caught a few to bring home. Also, at the end of this video, Pinkie-Pepper shares a surprise!

A REWARD For Hard Work (Surprise Ending) - VIDEO

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Hi! I think that I remember you moving to the Ozarks, since I follow your publications since 2016. After few years, I like to see how many animals you have and how many constructions you made in your land. Your work is bearing fruit and giving reward. God bless you and thanks for sharing this video!

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