Frugal Gardening Like a MADMAN

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Doing it on the cheap!

After purchasing a modest load of topsoil and compost, I fight the rain in an attempt to get some of our raised beds top-dressed. While I'm working on it, I decide to propagate some cherry bushes and stay true to my frugal gardener roots. Enjoy the show!

Frugal Gardening Like a MADMAN - VIDEO

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I thought you might appreciate this. We are harvesting our ghost, peter, trinidad scorpion and serrano peppers tomorrow to make approx. eight bottles of hot sauce for us, friends and family that like it hot, hot, hot.

Excellent!!! I DO appreciate that!

Oh my, thank you for the votes brother, you are too cool for school. Keep up the great posts for us consumers please.

The kids are having a really good time in the garden. It’s better than going to school!

Your plant nursery is encouraging push fir me to start my own small nursery. Several seeds are still in the fridge!

You work nonstop! LoL