Happy Easter Bunny!

in USA2 months ago

Happy Easter Bunny!


To dear Steemians, wishing you the Happy Easter in advance. Here in California, Easter bunnies are everywhere, gracing the window displays of department stores, supermarkets, casinos, restaurants and just everywhere. This is a big feast in the US. They have great fun painting Easter eggs for egg hunting during the Easter Sunday, or the Resurrection Sunday for Christians. This is the day of Victory fir All Mankind, were in JESUS CHRIST died for all the sins of the world on the Cross, died on Good Friday, and resurrected after three days, on the 3rd day JESUS resurrected on Easter Sunday. A victorious day of Mankind! JESUS CHRIST has redeemed us from sins, and whoever accepts JESUS CHRIST as Savior and Lord of his his/her life will be saved, because he/she is ‘pure’ in the eyes of the God the Father. You can read, John 3:16 and Romans 10:9. GIF bless you all, my dear steemians. ‘Til then!



Happy Resurrection Sunday!

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