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Welcome everyone,
I am @sagor1233, founder & admin of Beautiful World. We extend our best wishes and congratulations on behalf of our community for this support program. I applaud this initiative. Because, as a result, all the communities will become more active and tidy and the environment of Steemit will be much nicer. Today I will apply for our community support.

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  • Community Purpose

QN:- What is the purpose of your community?

Ans:- This is our small effort to bring everyone together in the world of internet. There are many of us who can't see the whole world in real life, can't know the world, can't see with two eyes. This is our initiative for them. Even if it is not real, everyone can see and know the whole world through Steem. Our first and foremost goal is to bring the whole world together.

QN:- Is it unique?

Ans:- Yes, I believe there is no such community in Steemit who has taken the initiative to bring everyone together. We are the first to take this initiative.

QN:- Are there any other communities covering the same subject or area as yours?

Ans:- I don't think any other community works on the subject that we work on. Because, each community has its own plans and goals. They want to work with those. Due to which, similarities between one community and another cannot be found.

QN:- Why should people join your community?

Ans:- We organize new competitions from our community. Due to which, we can learn about the culture of another country from sitting in own country. Again, quiz contests are organized regularly, as a result of which many knowledgeable questions of all countries can be answered. Those who are connected with us are happy and joyful.

That's why everyone will join us.

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  • Community Team

QN:- Who are the Admins and Moderators of your community?

Ans:- Here are 2 Admins, 1 community curation account & 5 Moderator's.

Screenshot 2021-07-20 165745.png

1. @sagor1233Admin & Founder59869
2. @ebrahim2021Admin & Founder54277
3. @hayat221Community Moderator57451
4. @beer75Community Moderator5131.075
5. @biplob25Community Moderator51133.523
6. @alsarzilsiamModerator & Quality Controller58524
7. @beautiful.worldCommunity Curation Account531137 [ along with dg ]
8. @endingplagiarismPlagiarism Watcher6814,726

QN:- What countries are they from and what languages do they cover?

Ans:- They are all from Bangladesh. They are all knows Bangla & English as well as good. They have much knowledge about translation and using them for clarification other language post.

QN:- Are the team members paid or rewarded in any way from the community funds for their work in running the community?

Ans:- Nope, No one is paid in return. This is because our community fund is much less, when the community fund increases, everyone will have to be paid. Currently they are all working as volunteers in the community.

QN:- If you only have one Admin what would happen to your community if you left or lost your keys?

Ans:- The community key will never be lost, because we have 2 admins in the community and each of us has the community key. As a result, even if an admin takes leave, there will be no problem for the community.

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  • Community Curation Account

QN:- What is your Community Curation Account?

Ans:- The community curation account of Beautiful World is @beautiful.world

QN:- How much Steem Power does it have - both of its own and delegated to it?

Ans:- Our community curation account is @beautiful.world & it's steem power is around 1138 SP [ with delegation ]

Screenshot 2021-07-20 172340.png

It's own SP is 127 & Delegated SP is 1010.

QN:- What are your plans for growing the SP of the account?

Ans:- We currently, 94% steem for powerup that we earn from the competition and 5% for new competitions and 1% for delegators. If we are part of the community support program, we will add 10% beneficiary from each user to increase the power of the Our community.

QN:- Are all the post rewards powered up, or are they used for paying delegators or members of the community team?

Ans:-We currently use 94% for steam power up, 5% for competition and 1% for delegators. Rewards are given to the delegators but no rewards are given to the members.

QN:- Who has access to voting with the account?

Ans:-Currently, I've access to voting with the account. When I busy with my real life work then @ebrahim2021 has access to voting with the account.

QN:- What is the current Voting CSI score for the account (from Steemworld.org)?

Ans:-This is the current Voting CSI score for the account. Below screenshot provided.

Screenshot 2021-07-20 175037.png

QN:- On average what proportion of the posts each week receive a vote from the community account?

Ans:- Every post are upvoted by the community account. Below screenshot provided:-

Screenshot 2021-07-20 212640.png

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  • Plagiarism & Abuse

QN:- What measures do you take to check for plagiarism and other forms of abuse (content farming, duplicate accounts, fake accounts)?

Ans:- If someone make plagiarism post on our community, we first warn them and mention @endingplagiarism. But the second time someone makes that mistake again, we mute him/them from the community. We don't tolerate any (content farming, duplicate accounts, fake accounts).

QN:- Do you have designated people in your team for plagiarism checking?

Ans:- Yes, We have designated @alsarzilsiam & @endingplagiarism for plagiarism checking.

QN:- Do you ensure all photos used in your community are copyright free?

Ans:- Yes, I can ensure you that all photos used in our community are copyright free. Because, In the competitions we organize, only self-portraits are acceptable. No other person's picture is acceptable in those competitions. Although someone uses copyrighted images, in that case he uses the source.

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  • Engagement & Commenting

QN:- Does the community team check and comment on every post in the community?

Ans:- Yes, every post are checked by our team and comment by our community account. We are trying to encourage the users of our community to post regularly.

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  • Plans & Updates

QN:- How often do you post plans and updates for the community?

Ans:- Almost every day I post plans and updates for all our members from the community account. So that, our members can always be active about Steemit.

QN:- Do you have a roadmap or long term plan for the community?

Ans:- Everyone who works at Stee m has some long-term plan. And for those who run the community, this plan is a little more realistic and well-planned. As time changes, so does the world. In this continuum of change, change will come in our plan as well. Our current plan is to bring the whole world together, and we will now implement it only through steemit on online . But as time goes on, we will change our plans. In a few years, we will bring the whole world together in one place via Steam and that will be offline, live, face to face. In the future we will post a detailed post on this topic in our community.

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  • Promotion

QN:- How do you promote your community?

Ans:- I promote my community in different ways. Sometimes organizes beautiful contests, sometimes video calls with friends on Facebook. Sometimes I promote my community by tweeting on Twitter. I also promote our community there by inviting everyone to Discord.

Join With Us On Dicord:

QN:- Do you have a Promotion or Marketing Plan for your Community?

Ans:- Yes, of course we have a marketing plan for our community. In the future, we will open a #travel #agency called Beautiful World to promote our community and Steemit. Where we will be accepted steem as the payment method.

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  • Anything Else

QN:- Please include any other information you would like us to know about your community, and why your community should be selected for extra support?

Ans:- To run a community, you need some extra support as well as normal support. There are many moderators in our community who are constantly working selflessly for the community. We need some extra support thinking about those moderators. We will help the poor and needy every month with these extra support. With this extra support, we will help the needy and meritorious students through our local non-profit organization, "Hilful Fuzul Islamic Organization". This is our special features.

QN:- Do you encourage only #steemexclusive posts in your community?

Ans:- We support all kind of post without making any content farming, duplicating & plagiarism and do not support any NSFW content.

So, #steemexclusive & other all post are always welcomed.

This application is being done
by Beautiful World Community Team.

 3 months ago 

Our comment admin and moderator are working with dedication and honesty. Regular contests are organized in our community. In addition, we pay special attention to the issue of power up. About 30 percent of the active members in our community and they all post very well and everyone uses the highest markdown. We are very optimistic about this community. I believe that this community will be transformed into a much bigger community in the future.

 3 months ago 

thank you dear moderator for your valuable comment.

Since my first day in the community, I am so grateful to be valued here. You have my full support Beautiful World. Best of luck.

 3 months ago 

Thanks For Your Contribution.

Join With Us On Dicord:

Hopefully our community will be successful inshaAllah

 3 months ago 

thank you for your contribution.

Brother has presented in a very beautiful way. Inshallah I will get community support.

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thank you dear.

Its my pleasure to support this community.Lets make more our community a beautiful world.

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thanks a lot for your contribution. Keep us in your prayer.!

A nice community with nice post

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thank you my friend for your valueable comment.

ami ei community te steemit ea jone korar por thekei kaj korteci r community ekhta valo ekhta community...

 3 months ago 

I am always by your side. Go ahead Beautiful World, we are by your side.

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thank you dear. For your kind support.

Khub sundhor ekhta community r kaj korte khub vako lage amar...