📢 WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT : PROMOTE YOUR VILLAGE WITH TOP TEN PICTURES || Upload Top Ten Picture’s & Win Steem Prize|| "Beautiful World" Contest || Prize: 24 Steem

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Greetings Everyone,
Here I am announcing #PromoSteem steem contest #week:01 result. Hope, all participants are waiting for our announcement of Beautiful World Community contest result. Thank you everyone, who were participate in this contest.

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It was very hard for me to took the best entries. Every entries were too good. I have to take only #Three best entries. So, Other participants may be upset. I have nothing to do but sympathize with them. I can reassure them that you may do better in the future and let's #congratulate our winners. Winners and participants are all part of our #community. So we want everyone's cooperation.

First Winner

Promote My Village With Top Ten Pictures// Beautiful World // 09-05-2021 by @sangram5 Congratulate To Win First Prize: 12 Steem

Image 2021-05-09 at 8.52.56 PM.jpeg

Assalamualaikum friends, I hope you are all well by the infinite mercy of God. Alhamdulillah I am also well by the infinite mercy of Allah. First of all I would like to thank Beautiful World for organizing such a beautiful competition. Today, I am going to share my village top ten pictures with around the whole world.

Second Winner

PROMOTE MY VILLAGE WITH TOP TEN PICTURES 📢 by @mdfahim Congratulate To Win Second Prize: 8 Steem


This is Md. Fahim Morshed from Bangladesh. Today I want to promote and show the natural beauty of my village to you in ten photos. My village name is Ajail. My village is very beautiful and i will share some beautiful pictures of it.So, let's start to enjoy the photos.

Third Winner

"PROMOVER MI PUEBLO CON LAS DIEZ MEJORES FOTOS" Carupano, Estado Sucre, Venezuela. by @riveradc Congratulate To Win Third Prize: 4 Steem


Muy buenas tardes comunidad Beautiful World

Contenta por unirme y pertenecer a ustedes. Es interesante que @sagor1233 lanzo este consurso porque sin duda podemos conocer un poco mas de historia, cultura y bellezas naturales que tiene cada rincon de nuestro mundo. Agradecida a ustedes por permitir que sea realidad. Les dejo mi mejores diez fotos de mi hermosa ciudad Carupano, ubicado en el oriente Venezolano.


RankNamePost LinkSteem
1@sangram5Click Here12 steem
2@mdfahimClick Here8 steem
3@riveradcClick Here4 steem
Additional For Community Support@wiltordClick Here1 steem
Additional For Community Support@steemitcebuClick Here1 steem

In Gratitude:

7 Day's ago I was announced a contest about "PROMOTE YOUR VILLAGE WITH TOP TEN PICTURES" & Win Steem Prize. First time I offered only 6 Steem that was winner will got," winner 1 :- 3 steem, winner 2:- 2 steem and winner 3:- 1 steem". But few time later, @stephenkendal sir offered me with 18 steem to increase the prize pool at 24 steem.

Latterly, I accepted his offer and increased the prize pool to 12 steem, 8 steem & 4 steem. Thank you @stephenkendal sir for this sponsorship. I think you also sponsor our next contest. We are very grateful to you for being our community. @stephenkendal thank you sir, thanks a lot.

Sending Rewards To Winners:

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POST COURTESY: @sagor1233


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Thank you for the reward sir!

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Most welcome dear 💖

Gracias por todo. Saludos y bendiciones

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Thank You so much!