My steemit Dreams and Wishes || a discussion on what you want steemit to do on their Blockchain platform.

I am just trying to create a very discussive post where everyone comment "where, what and how" he or she needs steemit to progress to or adjust to.

Like me once dreamed of recovery a stolen account which I believe all the test and methods used by steem to recover account I failed. Since then it have been my dream that steemit should adjust their recovery methods.

And my dreams is coming to reality as me how?

steemit implementing the use of a recovery account.

What is recovering account?
A recovery account is an account (like friends and family on Steemit or trusted partners) who you set to request for recovery of your account. When you losses your account to hackers or compromise your current keys. Your recovery partner request for your account recovery.

Alot of account and recovery in this explaination just try to understand it. Or go to F&Q to read more.

Okay back to our topic

If people never discussed about that. Steemit coordinator won't know.

This post is just for you to comment your discovered errors for better steemit.


Thank you.


Sorry to hear the recovery of your account wasn’t successful. That must have been a emotionally depressing experience.

Thank you. But I Believe that steemit will grow to help people with the same case.