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Hello friends how are you all.

I'm coming from Bangladesh, everyone is fine. This is the number three post on my Steemit. I will try to do all my posts in Bengali. Many of us know that you can earn good profit on Steemit. Everyone knows it, I know it too, I know how to use it. I will try to post about these and I will try to let you know a little bit. I will try to give tips to work on Steemit once a day in 7 days. I will try to let you know.

  1. How do we post Steemit to Kiva.

  2. We have to go to Kibav to buy votes

  3. I will vote for Kibave Fee.
    I will know more about these.


I will know more about these.
I will share these with you. I hope you will benefit. And one more thing I do not know so well. I will try to share with you as much as I know. And I will share with you as far as I know. I will try to share. I hope you will read the posts with your mind. Then you will understand something. I hope you will stay with me and read my posts with your mind.

Really STEEMIT is a good site. If you know something good, then try to let me know by commenting. I want to learn more about Steemit. There are steemits bigger than me. I have been reading the posts of many Bangladeshi Steemits for about two months. Their posts have inspired me to open an account at steemit. I will try to say more about Steemit later today. I will post about Steemit once every 7 days.

I have a word to say. I may have been in a hurry to make a mistake.
Good Luck Bangladesh
Good luck Bangladesh Steamer, I hope you.


Love you all.🌹💝