Steemit Formating Two Tips: Centering Pictures and Making Columns

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Steemit Format Tips


I like to include pictures and occasionally include columns in my posts. You can use Markdown coding to center your pictures and put columns in your work. So I decided to share these tips. I hope this helps you.


The first tip is for centering a picture. A small picture tends to be off center to the left. If you don’t center it I think it looks less professional, and so I give my posts a more professional look using this Markdown code.

to the left of my picture code and
to the right of my picture code.

The markdown code looks like this:


The picture without centering


The picture with centering.


The code below is used to create columns.
You can simply copy paste the code below into your Raw Editor and change my Text!

This is a picture of the code format


Below is what the code above looks like in your post!!

Write you first Column Text right here followed by closing Markdown Code
Now write the Text of your 2nd Column, keep in mind that some Markdown Styling won't Work

That is great tutorials for centering and writing text in columns. I will try the second one and see how it works. One more thing: "what about putting your image at the right side of your text or small portion at the right side of your text"?