Help your new Steemit recruits with small amounts of delegated SteemPower

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A big secret on the platform that is know for free transactions is that you need resource credits to post, comment or upvote on the platform.

The other secret is you need very little SteemPower : 15 SteemPower or SP as it is called to post, comment and upvote on the platform.

So a big thing got you to remember if you recruit your friends to Steemit is make sure they have enough SteemPower to perform all those transactions.

So you can give them Steem and show them how to power it up in their wallet to SteemPower using the drop down menu and their active key.

Or you can delegate some of your SP, 15 should do it. Use for the fastest way to delegate, then you get it back later.

I have written other posts explaining Delegation and Resource Credits, which you can find links yo down below.


My Post Explaining Delegation

My Post explaining Resource Credits


Totally agree.
Newbies need of all us.

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