Steemit FAQ Posts: A List of Posts Explaining Steemit : Number #(1) one.

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Introduction to Steemit Explained Archive Posts
This is a list of posts which explain various words or concepts on Steemit. These things are important because there is so much to learn here on Steemit. The creators of the Steem blockchain and the social media application called Steemit which everyone posts on, just like they post on Facebook is much more then a very advanced piece of computer software, it is a eco-system, a micro-economy with millions of dollars trading hands during the year. It is worth your time to learn about this project because it can provide a real economic opportunity. After every FAQ below their is a link to an article focused on just that topic. Others focus on an article which contains many good FAQ explanations.

I don’t expect you to read all the links, but know when you have a question you can come back here and look through the FAQ for help. There is a saying When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. When your ready this community is here.


FAQ LIST Frequently Asked Questions

What is Steemit? Two Smart Contracts and Three Tokens Post Link
How to Steemit Post Link
Steemit Account Security Explained : Password and Keys. Post Link
What do Sea Creature Names in Steemit Mean? Post Link
What are Steemit Blockchain Witnesses Post Link
What are Dust Awards Post Link
What are Resource Credits Post Link
How do you crosspost Post Link
Delegation Explained Post Link
Steemit Formatting: Columns Post Link
What is the reward pool and how is it distributed? Link
What do the names Author and Curator mean and is it important? Link
What is the 50/50 split for rewards and how does it work?Link
How do I earn rewards without being an Author or a Curator? Link

Application FAQ

What is Dustsweeper Post Link
What is Steemworld Post Link
What is Mimeebot Notification Application? Post Link

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What is VPN Obfuscation? LINK

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What is Promo-Steem Link

What is a VPN ? Link

What is VPN Obfuscation? LINK

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