Paylaşımı esteem, partiko ve busy üzerinden bir türlü paylasamadım

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happy new year!

will soon change as @partiko stopped working.

I hope you fix the Pin storage bug soon. Then I might actually use and like this app. Clearing the pin and entering my Steem PW every time I want to log in is very annoying.

I have been using Partiko for long to earn point that would later be converted to steem token. Please where can I get wallet dedicated for steem Blockchain.

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eSteem apps has wallet built-in. Check it out!

Thank you for your reply, really appreciate this, but there's one more thing I will like to know. Is eSteem a token on Steem Blockchain and can I use it to get Steem token?

Thanks for your reply...I appreciate that.

Congratulations to all the Investors and hope that this decision will going to prove as productive one in near Future.

@esteemapp, Good wishes from my side team and stay blessed.

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Why esteemapp is not working from my account how many times I have boosted my post but its not working I have joined esteem but esteemapp is not working I have made 300 points by using esteemapp.

I request to esteemapp community please look for my problem and solve it quickly
I shall be very thankful to steemapp community for looking to my problem

You should login with active key for Boosting to work! Try logout and login with either Master password or Active private key.

I love the passive ESTM tokens I earn each week because of my eSteem delegation. I just added a bit more SP to my delegation. I am so excited to see the new app!