I hope it comes to iPhone soon 😀

It is a great feature to have! So many updates to do everywhere. I truly don't know when the eSteem team finds time to sleep!

The content creator said it was already in the app store. Is this incorrect?

New app, that sounds interesting!

Give eSteem a try!

Very useful, I've been wondering where I could see my Voting power on eSteem like I could on other apps like Partiko.

There are so many features on eSteem! Have fun exploring.

Thanks Melinda for showing this feature. Very useful indeed.

It is going to be a big help for me!

Right, as soon as i FIND my phone in the garden, I'm going to log in to Esteem - Partiko has DIED on it's ass, and I am really interested to see how easy it is to do stuff on esteem!

There are so many great features on eSteem. If you do give it a try, know that there is a whole bunch of us here willing to help!

Oh goodness, I hope you find your phone amoung the veggies. lol

Just downloaded esteem!

And yes, it is always on a post somewhere, I just never can find it!

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 13 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

Thanks, luv! You are quite wonderful! 💕

Nice idea about eSteem magic.

That's interesting. I suspected as much but had no clue you could click on it and get the numerical representation.

Good on you for even noticing the lines! 👍

awesome! enjoyed the post.. I dont use esteem on mobile, tho its not much use for me :)
ps. what pass I should use to login to ?..

The site is closed again. Hopefully not for long!

a-a! feeling relief. thank you, Melinds!!!
I was silly wondering why none of my passes dont work :P

I think they needed to make changes! I'm hoping it's quick, but I guess that is what beta is all about. Finding what works, and what doesn't!

You really do everything from your phone? I can barely comment and that is only for Instagram, sometimes FB. I gave up Steemit on commenting on my phone. Something went wrong with the Esteem app and I was not able to. But I may try again when I get my new phone after Christmas.

My MS has made typing on a keyboard difficult for me and one finger swyping on my phone keyboard is ideal for me. I had no idea you were no longer using eSteem. I'm sorry you didn't ask for help when you were having difficulties, but hope a new phone makes everything better!

Oh I see and I am so sorry Melinda! May hands are much better now and I can type on both well. But I am still using esteem, but only on computer. The app on my phone stopped working long time ago, but as I said I will upload it again, when I get my new phone after Christmas. I am waiting for a boxing day.

Oh, I misunderstood! Glad you are using Surfer!
I am trying not to get sucked into buying a new phone. My LG6 still works just fine, but all the hype can convince me that I need a new one.

@barbara-orenya Lena celebrates Boxing day.

Haha @melinda010100, that is now a cross comment ! 😄 Indeed I didn't know that boxing day existed 😉 And with what @lenasveganliving did write, now I do even less understand what it means ...Why are you waiting for a boxing day Lena ? 😊

Oh my gosh!!! That is hilarious Barbara 😂
Well it's a crazy day, if you go out shopping, but luckily, there is also cyber boxing day. Basically, it's a time of the biggest sale of the year. I normally don't care, but I know Samsung Galaxy has a new model coming out and I wanna get the older one for the best price/lowest payments possible. is like the black friday thing then ? Or the sales that come in January in France during 6 crazy weeks ? 😃

We have black Friday too, but the crazy 6 weeks sounds more like it 😂

"Boxing Day started in the UK about 800 years ago, during the Middle Ages. It was the day when the alms box, collection boxes for the poor, were opened so that the contents could be distributed to poor people. Some churches still open these boxes on Boxing Day." I found this info in an article about Christmas traditions. @barbara-orenya @lenasveganliving
It has more tradition behind it than Black Friday sales! 😁

No problem Melinda! Well my Galaxy works okay, but not great. It is paid off and I better get new one before I go to Slovakia in April.

That sounds like a good plan. My kids have all switched to the new Google phone and love it. AND the low monthly fees!

Oh really? I didn't know about that one! But now I see it! I am Koodo and they have one for $0.00 down. I am jut waiting for the Galaxy S10 for $0.00 down, because Glaxy S 11 is coming up next year. They are really good and I am used to Galaxy.

I like to stay with what I'm used to, also!

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@melinda010100 You are welcome. Happy commenting. Greetings @wakeupkitty

I had no idea. Thanks! !tip

When I learn things like this I always wonder how it's possible that I can look at it everyday and not notice! Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one!
Thanks for the tip.

You're welcome. I honestly never even noticed the bars, but I've been hoping they would add something like that, and it was there all along.

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Yeah, I love Esteem too!💗

It does make Steemin fun!

Thanks. If you mean brilliant!? 😁

You may write comments on my posts in your own language. I can use a translator.

@esteemapp dude you see I was not the only one that did not know about those lines

@melinda010100 thank you so much.. This post made me feel not as stoopid.. Hehe me and @esteemapp had a big talk about those lines.. I thought he was bullshitting me 😂😂👌

The guys at @esteemapp are the best of the best and always willing to help! I'm glad your questions were answered! You will find that all of us love learning new things and helping each other out when we can! 😊

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Nice find! Didn’t know this myself. Thanks!

I'm certainly finding it useful! I bet you will, too! ❤️

I just learned about this myself on Friday! Never cease to be amazed and impressed by the surprises created by the developers of @eSteemapp, @good-karma, @horpey and gang!👍💯🙌

The app has come a long way since those beginning days!

Yes, and keeps getting better!

Who knew? Thanks for letting us know. I was clueless and now I see how low my voting power is. Oops, I should slow down a bit. oh my!

Haha! I think we all will be able to use this to keep better track of ourselves!

It really is a cool dApp. I use it on my my iPad every day.

Glad to hear Apple users love the app too! 😊

Wow, this was one of the things I've missed on the app, not knowing our current vp was a pain... and now it's here! Thanks for the info!

The funny part is, I think it's been there for a while and I never knew!

Probably! But if you haven't posted about it, I would still be clueless! 😂😂

I love esteem!maybe the best app for steemit.
I'm posting with it since the first version. I think the developers had made a great work!!

I agree with you 💯%! ❤️

very good, i already using it...

Oh good! 👍

Definitely a god Dapp for Steemians. I also made a post recently for reviewing this app for Koreans but the reaction was not that hot though. Maybe need to consider for Eng version for others.

Oh, send me the link. I would love to read it!

Sure, this is the link. But it's written in Korean though. 😅

I translated and read through and it is nicely done! Hope you do an English version!

I will let you know first when it's done. ;) Thanks again!

Thats awesome, i'll be using the feature more often esteem is the only way to go on mobile. Would love it if they had tribe token support though

It is the best isn't it? I am hopeful that ESTM will be the first SMT that is in my Steemit wallet and I am happy to keep stackin until that happens!

I love eSteem too. I hope soon more features will arrive

The constant change here on Steem keeps us all on our toes, doesn't it? I look forward to it, too!

I also use esteemapp and green blue line info first got from this post but how enter or use "hive-125125 which is the new @esteemapp community on beta.steemit" help need in this

Beta.steemit may be private again as they continue development, but if you use the hive number as your first tag it will appear in the Community.

Ah...I did not see first it, that it was like this... cool now I can start see all things here in app. 👀👌

It is a great feature to have!

Yes it is :)
And I'm sure there is soon more cool things to come out :)

I think you are right!

Haha ! last month I contacted @esteemapp support and tell them it would be so nice to know my VP on the app like we can on Surfer...they answered me that it was already the case, and now you guess where they told me it was 😄 I had never noticed these two lines !

You are ahead of me on this one! It is all a continuous learning process, isn't it? 😘

Yes exactly ! I have some hard understanding time with communities, btw, I still can not access the beta due to an autorization thing...did you learn something about that by luck my dear ?

They have closed the beta site again to do more development. I hope it won't take long, but that is what beta is all about. 😏 Testing and development before it gets released to work all the bugs out!

alright my dear , thanks a lot for the info ! 😉

Yes haha! I found out about this some time ago, but its totally hidden! :D

Ha! You are way ahead of many of us!

Sorry for asking here... What are your thoughts on the coffee coin

I love receiving coffeea tokens. All coins must have a use to be of any value to me and now this one does.


I see. Thnx for the quick reply.. And another thing how does the coin curation work?.. Do you buy a certain amount of coins and then stake it... Will you then get automatic curation or do you curate other people with them

Let me know if this makes sense or not😂😂

Let me add this.... What do you get in return for buying any coin on the steem engine.. Whether it's marlian or ccc

I have several of my coins delegated to alt accounts so that I can vote at 100% with out draining my Steem votes.

I use my Steem Engine wallet to manage my coins.

I curate other people with my vote, which is larger the more coins I hold. And I get some great curation votes in return!

Was that of use?

That is of use.. Thank you.. One more question... How do you curate them with said coin?

I go to the coins site and login with whatever alt account holds my coins. My ccc coins are in my @melshadow account and I can click on my feed and it brings up the people I follow who have used that tag. Or I can click on new or trending to see other people I may want to vote on. Because I have my Pal coins in that same account it doles those votes out too, to anyone who has used both tags.
There is probably a much more efficient way. 😁

Hehe ok Thnx alot for all the help💖

I'll follow that account aswell. Hey what works for you works for you

My other curation account is @mel010100-life for lifestyle and photography

Thank you... I followed it hey.. I would like to get another account aswell but Sheez I think it's alot of dedication 🤔

I think you are right. Token voting takes up a lot of my time.
I am looking forward to SMTs and being able to vote with SMTs from within Steemit and manage them in our Steemit wallet. It would be ideal if when I vote on your post I can chose if my vote is all Steem or partially SMTs like ESTM.

I have a problem with the app keeping the pin it forces me to set. Have you seen this problem? It is a major bug for me that prevents me from using @esteem

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Oh, very slick indeed! And they constantly keep improving and adding don't they?

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