What is Your Next Big Project of 2020? How to Find and Plan It.

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Every year, I pick a big project I want to accomplish by December 31st. Most years this results in personal growth and development. I learn a new skillset and build something tangeable in my life.

What is your project for 2020? How do you go about determining such an endeavor?

Ask yourself what skill you hope to develop and what part of your life you want to improve. What could help you become a more effective employee, better partner or manager. How can this year be different and better?

The first step is to write your project down. What do you hope to accomplish? What does the end result look like?

Next, write the steps you must take to accomplish your goal. Will you need training? Will you need to buy equipment? Budget for these expenses and make sure you make headway. Get an accountability partner.

Next, make sure you stay on track. Use a calendar and journal your progress.

Look back on your accomplishment. On December 31st, 2020 check in on your progress. Hope this helps!

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