Good afternoon, all the beloved steemians on this platform, For this time I want to talk about an animal that is very beautiful but very useful for plants such as flowers, for example. And I also want to share some photos or pictures that I took a few days ago.

This animal is a leopard butterfly. This butterfly is very much like it, especially women, with the beauty of this animal, so many people capture pictures of this animal. But when we want to take photos or pictures of beautiful animals is not a young matter. , but we have to work hard to get a satisfactory result. Because this animal is very sensitive to humans or their opponents, if this butterfly is threatened from predators, it will nimbly fly away from the attack of the enemy or predator. Below are some of the parts. or some pictures that I had taken.




The color and shape of this beautiful animal is that it has me which is the same size as other butterflies and also has a slightly pale brown wing color. And it also has black, oval spots located on the posterior edge with a rich ocher yellow color. also have you white purple on the bottom which is the same as that on the top ammunition is slightly subtle in color.

The most prominent mark of this butterfly is that this discal fascia is located on the inside of the wing that crosses the wings of this beautiful Beast. I mentioned earlier that it is more prominent if it is in females, I checked this picture on Google, it says the gender is male, so the color is a little bit bright.

Maybe that's all I can write and I share the pictures for all of the steemians friends. If there are words that are not good or wordy please criticize them in the comments column, because with your friends' criticism all of them can be a motivation for me to be more understand and bees are great again for creating higher quality posinga that you deserve for friends to enjoy, Thank you.


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