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Hello my fellow Steemitians from Steemit Network !! Today I like to write about one of my favorite author - Mr. Satyajit Ray.


Mr. Satyajit Ray was globally known as a movie director, however, he also has very good writing skill. He was born on 02-May-1921 and died on 23-April-1992.

The most popular series of Satyajit Ray is his famous detective Pradosh Chandra Mitra, who is also known as Feluda. Feluda was accompanied by his nephew Tapesh Ranjan Mitra a.k.a Topse and Lalmohan Ganguly a.k.a Jatayu. Feluda has solved various cases in many different places - Calcutta, Darjeeling, Santiniketan, Gangtok, Rajasthan, Benaras, Bombay, Ajanta-Ellora, Puri, Kedarnath, Chennai, Kathmandu, Hong Kong, England. Feluda's adventure stories are appropriate for the kids and youth. It is full of information, fun and thrill.

Another remarkable imaginary character created by Satyajit Ray is Professor Shanku. He is a famous scientist and inventor. Some of Professor Shanku's innovation are - Miracurol (the medicine which cures all disease), Anaihilin pistol (which leads to disappear the target), Botica Indica tablet (substitute of food), x-ray spectacles (which serves as x-ray without any device). Professor Shanku always use his innovation for the good of mankind. He is an inspiration for the kids to be scientist.

Another imaginary character created by Satyajit Ray is Tarini Banerjee. He has worked in various jobs across India and has many interesting experience.

Along with Feluda, Professor Shanku, Tarini Banerjee, Satyajit Ray also written a lot of short stories that ranges from suspense to thrill to drama - everything.

The ranges and topics for stories and novels written by Satyajit Ray varies, however, the main theme is the victory of good over the bad and create a positive impact over mind.

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