Steemit Network Community Weekly Delegation Rewards Distribution Week - 03

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How is everyone? Hope everybody is doing well. Today we are going to distribute our Community Weekly Delegation Rewards with great pleasure. We are moving forward very fast. All this has been possible for you. I hope you will always be by our side. We currently have 2512.71 steem power in our community. I sincerely request you all to stay with our community so that our steem power will increase in the next week. Hopefully we can give you a very good amount of support very soon.

This small distribution is organized in honor of those who have delegated us to this community. We hope to increase this amount in the future. And we believe we can bring many more under this distribution.

Delegator (account)Steem PowerSteem Rewards
@gorllara7000.70*1.5=1.05 steem
@msharif8000.80*1.5=1.20 steem
@munaa1010.101*1.5=0.152 steem
@ipolatjeh19881000.10*1.5=0.15 steem
@shohana11000.10*1.5=0.15 steem
@lingkar-photo510.051*1.5=0.0765 steem
@radoan250.025*1.5 = 0.0375 steem
@pakmanan200.02*1.5=0.03 steem
@susanlhokseumawe200.02*1.5 = 0.03 steem
@dear-davil468200.02*1.5=0.03 steem

You can easily delegate to this community if you want. Below I have tried to give you some links that you can delegate to this community by clicking on them.

Support us by delegating STEEM POWER

20SP 50SP 100SP 250SP 500SP


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