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Hello everyone! It has been a year since I have posted one of these articles, but the Build the Earth project is still going strong, and in fact has grown. I checked if they have started a server to build Pennsylvania, and they have, so I applied to join the team.

I must say that it has been really great getting to know people on the OH PAIN KY server (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Kentucky server). Much of the frustrations I had that had caused me to quit last year on my own, they helped me work through. To any of the members of the server reading this, thank you for your help, and I would really love it if you guys come post about your work here! Steem is a great platform which will allow you to be rewarded for the work you are already doing!

Speaking of the work going into this project, for those of you who are unaware, the Build the Earth project is a project trying to replicate the world on a 1 meter to 1 block ratio into Minecraft. The Earth's terrain has been copied into Minecraft, and the 4,000+ volunteers currently working on the project for over a year are working to replicate everything on Earth into Minecraft.

In terms of this project, I spent about 10 hours making the building this weekend, and 5 or 6 hours editing the video over the last two days. I hope you all enjoy it! To follow, I will explain how the server helped me, what's changed in Build the Earth, and what I plan to do.

Building my High School in Minecraft

First of all, here is the video:

Building Roofs

The problem that made me quit last year was building roofs. I had no idea how to make it line up, and I was spending hours working on the roof to delete it and start over. When working on Rustin (which has a very complicated roof), I asked for guidance from the server, and they suggested making sure the highest part and the lowest part line up, and filling in the gaps. This was so tremendously helpful. I also learned about a line tool that they have added to the mod pack. In all, the roof took a while to build, and I definitely had to start over a few times, but it was so much easier!

What's changed?

In the year that I've been gone, they have added a lot. The website now has a map that describes who is working on what, and another map which gives details about which teams are working where. They have also made the mod pack much easier to install, and a lot of the features easier to use. One really cool thing was that the modpack came with the option to add the replay mod. I remember spending hours last year trying to figure out how to add the replay mod (the mod that lets you make videos like the one in this post). Overall, the project has become very professional, and I was astonished by how user friendly it was.

What do I plan to do?

In terms of building my high school, I still have to add the Gym, Cafeteria, and Auditorium, and build the landscape (the football stadium, fields, paths, tennis courts, trees, and parking lot). I plan to make two more videos (and articles) one building the rest of the building, and one making the landscape. I'm not sure how long it will take. After that, I might build some of the other stuff in the area, and possibly look into helping out in building Philadelphia (if they need it).

Side by Side Comparisons

Here are some side by side comparisons:

The Music

This video includes two pieces of music. The second is the original orchestral composition I wrote for the graduation ceremony (which was never played due to covid). The first piece is the first movement to Mozart's 40th symphony (which I drew inspiration from when writing the graduation piece).


Thanks for reading this! Please remember that feedback is always greatly appreciated! I invite anyone reading this here on Steem who plays Minecraft to look into joining the project! Have a nice day!


Wow, wonderful Minecraft. I have never seen such beautiful and creative minecrafts. You have done it very well as you are building your High School. If I am not wrong High School is one of the thing which is most memorable and unforgettable.

Minecraft is really a great work full of creativity and I also want to do minecraft but i am unfamiliar with this work. But I hope that i will be guided by you and i will learn that how can i do minecrafts.

 25 days ago 

Thank you so much! I'd be glad to help you learn!

I am willing to learn from you, my dear fellow. And I am looking forward to your guidance about this.

Very impressive work !

Can other Minecraft players see what you build?

Would be interesting to do some sort of Steem contest in Minecraft somehow...

 27 days ago 

Thank you so much!

Since I built it on a multiplayer server, anyone who joins the server can see it. Eventually they intend to make one world file with all of the worlds together, but right now it is a bunch of small servers (because one big one would crash). It is also possible to share single player world files for people to download and play in themselves.

As for the contest, it is a great idea! If you wanted to do a general minecraft contest, perhaps you could set up a server and discord solely dedicated to Steem contests. However marketing it might be tricky.

The reason why I have been focusing on Build the Earth is because it is a community that already exists, and is already doing work. Perhaps there would be a way to run a contest that will bring some of them to Steem. I have to be careful though because the discord server has a no advertising rule. That is why I have simply been sharing my posts logging their work, or my own posts about what I've done. Perhaps you could set up a server dedicated to building the area around Steemit's headquarters, and incentivize it here on Steem. Or maybe you could connect with the leaders of the Build the Earth project, and officially sponsor contests (I have no idea how that would be done, but they have an official discord server and website).

I am unsure if you are asking me to run a contest, or if you are thinking about doing it yourself. If you want me to run one, I'm going to be free much more over summer break, and I'd be glad to discuss the details over discord (cmp2020#3103).

I'm also hoping to do something involving facebook ads like what my dad is doing in the Stem community. We both think that communities on Steem could really benefit by setting up analogous facebook pages and running ads.

Thank you so much for your time!

Я не играю в компьютерные игры, но по поводу пользователей steemit возникла такая идея! А что, если делать отдельные встречи для пользователей? Чтобы они смогли сыграть в вашу игру коллективно? Или в этой игре другая суть?
Было бы интересно увидеть соревнования между сообществами! Я честно, не представляю суть игры, но думаю, что вполне возможно собираться группами и проводить игры!

 23 days ago 

Thinking about this some more, maybe there's a question here for the @tronfoundation to be thinking about...

Could the Tron Foundation partner with Build the Earth in order to connect them to Steem and the rest of the TRX ecosystem and then roll-out NFTs for digital ownership in the "Build the Earth" virtual world?

Example: Bob is working on building Philadelphia in his own private world file, but Alice is working on building Philadelphia on the OHPAINKY server. Both could mine Steem and TRX by publishing their progress and interacting with the community on Steem (already in place). Then, maybe NFTs could play a role in deciding which of the competing versions makes it into the project's official finished product?

Very cool man...
And this time you really found an extraordinary roof, you learned a lot since last year, you are a great person, I am impressed....

 25 days ago 

Thank you so much!

urwel sir 😊

I'll have to show this to my son. He's a huge minecraft fan. This is very impressive 👏

The lads are well impressed @cmp2020 !!

Feedback is they wish they could build something as cool as that! 😁

Also they asked how do you use /edit?

Good job, u look like u can create this themed community 😊🥰

wow! that's cool bro, spent every 10 hours on 1 week for great building, that's amazing. if i make that for sure i was quit in 10 minutes :D


 27 days ago 

Thank you :)

You're welcome :)

Nice sir 👍, saya suka game nya

hola amigo muy interesante el tema.

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Sir, if you are in Steemit, the words have to be your own, right sir, salute from you who always work hard, where are you from? I want to be successful too like you in Steemit I'm new to Steemit, I hope you want to help me so I can understand more, I need weighing from you👍🙏

 27 days ago 

I'd be glad to discuss this with you over discord.