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Johnson Lake

Johnson Lake is a year round recreational site for the area I live in. The camping spots are not plowed, the picnic tables not cleared, the barbecue stands not dusted off, but it is still a year round place to play. It is a lake, and lakes do have water, and people do fall in the water, boats capsize, and fishing holes can get big.

DSC_9318  Copy johnson lake resized.jpg

The road to the lake is plowed, the parking area to the lake is plowed, and as you can see the life saving vest have a path beaten to them. I don't know if people use them, they seem to always be there, but they are there should anyone decide they need to protect themselves a little bit or their precious children.

It was a very cold day today. I had thought and hoped we were done with the single digits, and I was pretty sure we were done with the minus digits, it is after-all almost mid March. Alas we are having a last freezing blast. I woke up this morning and it did feel a little chilly in the house, After getting my phone turned on I had to reload the temperature to get the most current and it was, as it showed, minus 6 degrees Fahrenheit.

By 3:25 this afternoon, (that's when this picture was taken), it had warmed up to 20 degrees. We have just the softest breeze today while out there, maybe 3 miles per hour at the most, hardly enough to move the smallest tree branches, but it made it feel very very cold.

This was a hand held1 shot, (to cold to futz with the tripod, plus it was at home), ISO of 125, f-stop of f/25, and exposure time of 1/100 second. It was cold and I did not dally to long as I wanted to get a few snap shots from out on the frozen lake to use in a later post maybe.

I am not a super frequent poster, I do however believe in the community system, and am trying to support them as they support us. i hope more people embrace the community system and make a post every now and then in the various communities we have available.

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Hey, @bashadow.

We received nary a snowflake this year (well, okay, nothing that stuck anyway), though it did hail and it threatened to do more. Then, after mid-February, we started having spring-like weather, before it dipped back to winter-ish (rain, colder, windy).

You all must be pretty hardy to live there. What we might get up in the mountains to specifically go skiing, sledding or snowboarding in, you get to live in and get around in.

I'm not that partial to snow, but it is beautiful when it first falls and before it either starts to melt away or gets plowed over/de-iced, and whatever else generally happens around here to spoil it. :)

I'm beginning to worry about the warm up that will eventually get here. We do often have years of rapid warm-up an melting leading to flooding, we have lost bridges to some communities, and one we lost just never really got put back, they made a kind of nice parking area for creek access, but no picnic tables or anything like that, just a random parking are where there once was a small bridge. I don't think they were wrong for not rebuilding, it really was not needed and only cut two miles of travel at the most off when it was there.

Plus I really hate a muddy rutted drive way.

We've been fortunate not to have a whole lot of flooding lately. I think, due in part anyway, that we've not had so much rain over the last two or three winters, so the water table isn't as high as it might otherwise be around here. Otherwise, with all the rain we did have in January and half of February, we would have had some kind of runoff.

Nothing that would take out a car bridge though.

I wonder what it would take to get your driveway paved or to lay down some kind of surface—asphalt, or whatever they're calling it these days. At least part of it over a period of time until it's completed. My guess is it would cost too much to do even in sections, or you would have started it by now. :)


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