Gaming Review: My First Look at SteemCity

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Oh the trend has started!

I actually spotted the introduction post yesterday but only got to get around today to really test this out.


Thanks to a few readers including #teammalaysia's big brother @bitrocker2020, this is pretty much getting my attention although I don't have much.

But since this account is dedicated to my alter ego and wedding gift to the little munchkins through games on Steem blockchain, I only see fit that this review comes here.

First look - Investment


Unlike the blessings from @aggroed during steemfest I got to test (and hooked) the awesome @splinterlands (that gives me excitements, frustrations when I kept being slaughtered, and wallet digging in card investment), I gotta pump money up front.

By the way, I have checked, the SIM token is MORE EXPENSIVE purchased from the steem-engine than to get this straight.

Fortunately I have a main account that I can swap my tokens from STEEMP to Steem without withdraw fees


I thought that I could just purchase one building and see what happens, but then, it seems that I won't be of most benefit if only an apartment is purchased...

Because there's unemployment!

I am definitely no Bernie Sanders nor SBI, so everyone's gotta work....


But now I am not certain, if I purchase this one, what card would it be?

This feels a little those untamed booster packs before launch...

Guess we will have to find that out.


Yikes... I ended up having luxury homes...


MORE people unemployed!


Fortunately I saw something that could help me to improve the odds...

But it is stated in SteemP... hahahaha...

And @fusion.lover came to the rescue, exchanging with her SteemP for STEEM.


So I am going to see if this works.


Confirming my order with SteemP....


Looks like it was a success...




It seemed to have worked.


So the unemployed issued has been resolved; but I suppose that there are extra 17 vacancies?

Let me go check on the description...


So it is correct. The total available vacancy is 40, and now I have 17 more to go.


But apparently there is a 2% chance to bring new citizens in... does that mean that I will need to get new homes?

So my best guess is to see what happens after 2 hours; and if I remember to log in to check I might be able to give some updates here.


So far it looks really simple strategy game; but then again there's a lot of lacking of information as in what happens.


It would be great if there's a hover over tips to see how the game works; but right now, 12 steem is now invested into this game.

Updated: 25 Feb 2020


So I have checked with the owner of the game; and every day at UTC 40 minutes passes midnight; which is 8:40am GMT +8 , you will get the income.

If that is the case, if you purchase new entity right before the turn of time, would that be more profitable in terms of timing yourself for your liquidated funds?

Questions for the Developers

I am now wondering, after I noticed that there are homeless / worker cards. I am not getting any logic sense yet of their existence and whether their status (especially homeless) can be upgraded in the future.

Once a homeless, doesn't mean it should forever be a homeless; in my humble opinion

So I do hope @gerber / @mys will be able to improve the UX and let's see what happens.

Until Then


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Cool game. Another win for the STEEM blockchain Dapps.

Looks like an interesting game. Curious to see how the economy and marketplace develops.

Har?? So does that mean you must at least invest in 8 steem then? Having one location and one work place?

And you already invested in 12 steem!

That can buy a burger set already

Yes pretty much, if SIM token is on a more profitable stance, then the returns could be higher.

Right now, market place for the cards sold in SIM is actually higher than in STEEMP.