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A Natural Scene of White Clouds Floating Through The Blue Sky At Noon In The Village Environment.

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A Natural Scene of White Clouds Floating Through The Blue Sky At Noon In The Village Environment

It is a bright landscape with a bright dawn. This view is of a village and it is very hot then. At noon the white clouds in the sky are mingling with the white clouds and they are flying in the wind. But in the blue sky, it is a different feeling to see white clouds confused or floating in the air.

When it is very hot, the clouds in the sky become confused with the white clouds. Later, these white confused clouds turn into black clouds and roar loudly for rain or storms. Many times more lightning strikes with rain. When black clouds gather in the sky, nature picks up water from the sea through a rainbow of seven colors and throws that water on the earth in the form of rain.

This is a very beautiful enchanted game of nature. When nature reveals a rainbow of seven colors and makes water, it is amazing to see that scene, which cannot be understood without seeing it. And it is most often seen in the heart of the village. Because everyone works more or less in the empty fields of the village, it is seen in the field when it is raining, then it is more or less evident when it rains frequently in the rainy season.

The life style of rural people is very simple. There are lots of trees and herbs around the village roads, so it is not difficult for them to live in the summer. Towards the village, when it is very sunny, they get shade from the trees and can enjoy the cool natural fresh air. Living in the village is really a very pleasant life, there is no obligation in the natural environment.

The last day I went to a college on the outskirts of the village and the atmosphere of the lively afternoon changed a little as soon as I came to the street after work inside the college. Suddenly the blue clouds in the sky became confused and turned into black clouds. The result is a shady cold environment. I was watching this landscape on one side of the road and I found this game of nature very beautiful. During the summer, nature becomes a play of light and shadow. Anyway then I capture this beautiful landscape of the sky with my phone camera.


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