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A Reflection of Some Natural Environment During A Beautiful Afternoon Moment Towards The Village.




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A Reflection of Some Natural Environment During A Beautiful Afternoon Moment Towards The Village

These are some of the natural beauties of the afternoon towards the village. This time is just before the setting of the sun in the heart of the village. The life of rural people is very simple, straightforward and simple. Towards the village, people gather in the evening tea shops and hang out.

It is a kind of village people spend happy moments in the evening together. There are also many older people who play cards. There is no obligation in life, everything can be done with an open mind towards the village. All the food on the village side is pure and natural, because every person on the village side puts everything in the field with their own hands.

As a result, everything is a fresh crop, no longer bought from the market. During the monsoon season, the villagers cultivate paddy in many lands, so they go to cultivate paddy once a year. And the rice of the land is very tasty to eat. Then the people of the village cultivate different types of vegetables in the field with their own hands and also maintain them every day.

Fresh from self-planted vegetables bringing green vegetables home and eating them with rice is great. The villagers not only cultivate vegetables, they also cultivate some fruits like watermelon, melon, tomato etc. I like to eat watermelon and watermelon in hot weather. Then sugarcane is also cultivated in a large area in the village field.

And the juice obtained from this sugarcane is purified by them and they themselves extract the sugarcane juice with a machine and make molasses by burning it. There is no fruit or food that can be found in the village, where everything grows naturally without any poisoning. And milk is also available fresh towards the village, because every house in the village has pets.

And one of the main farming activities in the villages is fish farming, they cultivate a lot of different species of fish. Some of them do it in their own ponds at home while many of them cultivate a large number of different types of fish there. And the people of the surrounding villages who cultivate fish stay there like a small nest to take care of the fish.

Then when these fish grow up, they make a lot of money by selling them in the market and they also eat these fresh live fish cooked at home. It is really fascinating to see everything in the village. The environment of the village is very beautiful, there is only greenery all around. When you go to the village, it seems that the environment there has attracted the mind, the mind does not want to come back, it seems that I stay a little longer.

The clear cold air of the afternoon can be enjoyed in the empty field towards the village, all the fatigue of the body is removed in the cold air of the village environment. Towards the village the little children rejoice much towards the field. There are endless fields towards the village and all the boys and girls play different sports and enjoy those fields.

This afternoon I rode my bike around a village and entered the village and stood in front of a fence in the open natural air of the village in an empty space. The surrounding natural environment looked amazing and I was fascinated by it. That’s when I captured some natural environment view cameras with my phone’s camera while enjoying this natural enchanting environment.


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excellent shot! i like it

Nice photos and work.

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