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An Amazingly Beautiful Landscape That Captures The Mind of The Shady Dirty Environment In The Afternoon Towards The Village.


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An Amazingly Beautiful Landscape That Captures The Mind of The Shady Dirty Environment In The Afternoon Towards The Village

It is a village free landscape. This scene is taken at dusk when the afternoon sun sets. The fun of watching the sun set in the village in the afternoon is different. In the afternoon, the sun reduces its intensity and gives shade to the hot environment of the day and in the afternoon, nature gives cool air.

The joy of going to the field in the afternoon towards the village is unmatched anywhere else. Because the life of the city is like a prisoner in a kind of four walls, there is no cold air of nature, there is no pleasure in going to the field. Because there is not much open field in the city. Towards the village there is always a fresh natural cool air and plenty of oxygen, and that oxygen can be inhaled in the early morning.

Because the village is full of different green plants everywhere. But it is not available in the city because it has low oxygen levels and high carbon dioxide levels due to low vegetation. In the afternoon, when the sun goes down, the villagers go to the fields to take care of the crops, and some take the pets to feed the green grass in the fields.

Then the boys of the village go to the field and play cricket, football and also other different kinds of games. Not only young boys but also older people play ball with them. The people of the village grow different crops in the field, such as various green vegetables, sugarcane are also cultivated, then the fruits (watermelon, melons, etc.) are planted.

As a result, the people of the village get fresh raw vegetables planted in the field for some time of the year and many of them leave them to eat and sell the rest on the weekly market day. As a result, they can earn a lot of money from it. I still remember many scenes of my childhood village.

As a child, he used to climb trees, eat fruits, play in the water of the pond, fly kites of different positions in the field. There is no limit to how much joy there is in the mind, there is a kind of boundless joy in all this.

However, after a long day, I got out of the monotonous life of the city and went for a walk in the open air towards the village in the afternoon. Cycling for a long time made my body feel a little sore, so I was standing in front of the field in an empty place and resting. Just then the sun was setting in the west, making the village look even more wonderful, and a man was watering the vegetables in the field. I love watching this scene at that moment. I then capture the scene of the village's natural muddy environment at sunset with my phone camera.


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