Found A Salamander Crawling Beside The Tent!! Picture and Video

in Amazing Nature2 months ago

We have allot of plants in our yard and it has been raining like crazy this year. I went for a short walk down the alley and when I came back I found A salamander!! When I first saw it it was resting in the shade by the tent. By the time I came back and grabbed my phone it was trying to crawl under the tent so you couldn't see the head. Still a cool short video shows it crawling!! This is the second time I've seen a salamander in the yard in 10 years so that was real cool. It made my day!!

Here is the video clip!

That would be awesome if I found more interesting little critters around. I did see a frog in our yard this year too. It was too dark to take a photo of video of.

I also like to make music too!! Here are some links to find my sounds


You have made a very good video! thanks for sharing

Thanks, glad ya liked it

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