A bunch of feathered friends in the sky today

The sky was overcast this afternoon.The atmosphere was cold.There was a breeze of nature outside.In this beautiful cool environment I went to the garden.The atmosphere in the garden was very nice and cool.Going to the garden, I took the air of nature on my body.Then I looked at the cloudy sky.I saw many birds in the sky.I saw many birds flying in the sky.I was fascinated by the chirping of birds.I saw many flying birds in the sky.These scenes were really beautiful this afternoon.I stood for a long time and watched the birds.I was so happy to see so many birds in the sky.Then I tried to take pictures of birds flying in the sky.I took pictures with my used smartphone camera.I shared the pictures with you here.I shared this beautiful atmosphere of the afternoon with you.I tried to show you some beautiful scenes of birds flying.I shared a video of birds flying here.In the video you will see some scenes of birds flying.Hopefully you all watch the video.
See this pictures and video👇
Camera Info:
My smartphone camera: Walton
Model: Primo N4
Lens: 3.62mm f/1.8
Thank you so much my all friend.Have a good day.
This video👇


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