IS THIS CREATURE DEAD? (No, But It Does Have a Secret)

in Amazing Nature2 months ago

Do you want to know what it is hiding?

Last night some of my sheep were making a lot of noise. I went out very late instead of sleeping to see what was going on. Apparently nothing was actually happening, but then I saw some eyes by the poultry pens. It was an opossum. Many people will just kill this marsupial. Instead, I chose to capture it and put it in a cage until morning. When I took it out of the cage today, it played dead.

These creatures will pretend to be dead so other animals will leave them alone. We decided to look at it a little more and found that it was hiding a secret. Do you want to know the secret? If so, come back next time, and we will show you the secret in the next post. For now, you can enjoy the photos of this opossum acting... and feel free to try to guess the secret by leaving a comment below.


Until next time…

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I just saw this one animal, its face resembles that of Tuoai or a ruthless hunter, he is very fast at doing things. I saw him last about 3 years ago, but we don't know his name ...

That's cool. I recently found out that they eat a lot of ticks and that they're supposedly immune to rabies.

Correct. Immune to snake venom too, more teeth than any other North American mammal, and lots of other cool things. We are actually working on a fact filled children's book about them.

Oh, that's cool. I'd actually read that.

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