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RE: Free sewing, knitting and crochet patterns to soothe you in times of covid-19

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Ah yes ravelry is a prosperity of patterns :D I have not heard of the rest. Thank you for sharing them with us here. And thank you for your thoughtful antivirus beam. We sure need all we can get nowadays. I worry for my parents too and I hope and pray everyday that they will be safe and healthy. It sucks to have this virus so frightfully around us. Take care there @neumannsalva. I will try to send you and your husband some antivirus beams too 💗💓💟


Ravelry is like Alice’s wonderland for me, I could loose myself in it in admiration of so many beautiful designs, photos and yarn 😍😍😍
Do your parents live near to you? This is really frightening that the virus is so aggressive for ill or old people. Here people are still in denial although we have an order to stay at home. Most seem to think that they will not get ill or they don‘t believe the news... I don‘t know.
Thank your for the lovely wishes 🌈🌈💕