DIY , How To Make Gloves With Freezer Bag And Flame Of Candle , Entry for build-contest

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how to make gloves , easy DIY tutorial

i have a video totally different , DIY tutorial , for these days maybe some of us cannot find latex gloves to buy so we can make it at home ,and it is very simple
stay safe from #coronavirus

what you need :
freezer bag
soldering system or a knife
flame of candle or stove
paper to draw pattern of hand


you can watch the video for more details

draw the pattern on a paper and cut it

covermonalisajhdjdfDS copyssesme.jpg

try to use the right pattern otherwise you cannot wear the gloves if it is very small

covermonalisajhdjdfDS copysses.jpg

Screenshot (114).png

use a hot knife and draw around the pattern, freezer bag will stick to each other , do it with patience and make neat gloves

Screenshot (116).png

Screenshot (120).png

remove the paper and other parts of freezer bag very easily
Screenshot (122).png

Screenshot (123).png

covermonalisajhdjdfDS copyssesmr.jpg

covermonalisajhdjdfDS copysse.jpg

you can subscribe to my youtube channel here

Nice! A very creative idea from a very creative person! :)
This definitely can help many people. Thank you for putting it out here. <3

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Wow, so creative deserved upvote and resteem.

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