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Hi guys, hope you all are doing well....
Today, I'm going to be interviewing my favourite national(Nigeria) footballer.
Stay tuned and feel relaxed.

So, My name is chaalee, and I will be interviewing my favourite national player, Mikel Obi, former Chelsea mildfielder.

---Hello guys, I'm in the house tonight with one of our most respected player, Mikel Obi.
Okay viewers, let's get started.

Me: Hello Mikel, how are you tonight?
Mikel: I'm cool and happy to be here. Thank you very much.


Me: Ooook... Okay... That's good to hear. So tell us Mikel, how did you start your football career? Tell us about your entry into football.
Mikel: wow!!! I have to go back from how I started, far far days. Well, it all started when I was just 12. The Pepsi scouting team picked more than 2500 of us into their football academy. I was later opportunned to play for plateau United. I later moved to Lyn in 2004, at the age of 17. After two years, I was moved to Chelsea where I played for 11 years before moving to Tianjin TEDA(Chinese team) in 2017 and I met a lot of professional footballers.
After some time, i was on loan to Middlebrough before I........ Ehmmmmmm yeah. I Was moved to Trabzonspor for free. Though, I'm currently playing for Stoke city.

Me: wow!!! That was really long and good. So, why did you decide to go into football?? Don't you have a dream of going to school and becoming a well learned graduate?
Mikel: As a little child, I have never dreamt of anything else aside from playing football. This was what I was born to do...

Me: So, do you consider yourself a successful man?
Mikel: Oh yes!!! Very well. I can really say that I'm very well successful in life. I have set u p some goal in life which I have achieved a lot of them through football. Honestly, the football is a great blessing.

Me: How would you former boss(es) describe you??
"Mikel:* Well, I can only say it's left to them. You know, I can't characterize myself now, but I really think everyone is pretty cool with one another. I've been in good times with all my bosses and never had any hard times with any of them.

Me: A nice one there Mikel. Tell us more about some challenges and disappointments you have encountered in this career.
Mikel: much challenges in line. First, my first professional team(Chelsea) never gave me enough time to build myself. I played fewer games and hard less chances to show it on the pitch. I also faced some national challenges from my country. They never value football, which made it very tough for us to coup on.

Me: Have you ever had problems with a fellow teammate?
Mikel: Not really, I never had a problem with any of my teammate.

Me; Tell us what you've learned in football.**
**Mikel: A lot. How to be patience, made a lot of friends, how to handle complex situations and lots more.

Me: Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision without all the information you needed. How did you handle it As Football Player? Why? Were you happy with the outcome?
Mikel: In many scenarios, you will not have all the information needed. The key is to make the best possible decision based on what you deem to be a sufficient amount of information.
Most decisions we make as footballers is based on little or no information about current situation.

Me: As a footballer, do you have a person you're looking up to? Like you football idol.
Mikel: Yes I have two, pele and Cristiano Ronaldo. They inspire me a lot.

Me: Do you consider yourself a team player??
Mikel: Of course yes. Who would say no to this? None actually.

Mikel: How do you measure success?
Mikel: I'm able to set realistic, yet aggressive goals that pushed me and I'm able to achieve them, I've gone the extra mile on everything I do, satisfying both coach and teammates.

Me: So, what are your aspirations?? future aspirations??
Mikel: I'm 33 and I still have some few years to play. I still want to do somethings in life, something very tangible.

Me: Tell us more about your retirement plans.
Mikel: I'm gonna be playing a little more before retiring from football. Currently, I have retired from national team, that's how gradually the retirement should go.

Me: Okay thank you very much Mikel Obi for staying with us to the end. Also, thanks to you all my audience.

It was really a peaceful interview with Mikel Obi.


That's a great post from you @chaalee,

Nice presentation.

It produced a very nice post and a great entry.

Thank you for your participation in the contest #16.

Best of luck!!!

Hi, @chaalee. Excellent post!

John Obi Mikel is a good player from Nigeria who has excelled in the Premier League.

Loved all your questions and answers. Good Luck in the competition!

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