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Hello football lover's...

I been in This group over some days, but I haven't validate my membership yet, I want to use the medium to introduce myself so I can be know as a legal member of this community.

Am Emmanuel onuah am from Southern part of Nigeria Rivers State. As the custom implies there are some questions I would like to answer, which are:

What Post Do I Intend To Create In This Community

I joined this community so to be informed about football related story across the world of football. I only intend posting only football stories from different countries and from different league. I also intend posting photos of footballer only from license source. Stories only related to football.

What Do I Understand By the Term Content Etiquette

Etiquette are rules that a member of an organization or a community must follow before writing a post. As a community there are some rules which each an ever member would obey irrespective of his/her position in this community.


Plagiarism which is seen as the process of taking someone research or ideas as ones own without giving credit to the author. Such acts is seen as piracy, appropriation and stealing.
We can refrain from such acts by been a creative writer, making our own research.

If in case we used someone research or ideas we must give the author credit indicating that it was not our ideas meaning we borrowed the ideas.

Copyright Abuse

When you ignores copyright laws by copying someones research or ideas without been permitted to do so.

*Where To Find Copyright Free Images : I can find copyright free image by using



Creative commons


How Do I Properly Source An Image

When you have uploaded your image at the bottom of the image you open a bracket like this.
[source]( put the address of the image )
when you want to show the license do otherwise
[License](put the link to the license here )

A clear example is show below


Consequences of plagiarism

In any community there are some punishment for defaulters, in this community if found guilty of Plagiarism or piracy your post will be muted if found again you meant be banned from this community. So it will better to stay away from such acts

To learn more about the community, it's rules and standards click on here

In conclusion. "I am well aware of the rules of this community as well as the norms of steemit and will abide by them at all times"

Thank you all.


Hi remember to add the exclusive tag #wof-validation as one of the first five tags.

Great work.

You touched on everything quite nicely.

Will be validating your membership soon.

Thank you..I be waiting for you to validate my request