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RE: Contest Week #7 - If I was a football player / Semana del concurso 7 : Si fuera jugador de fútbol - WINNERS!!!

in World Of Football ⚽7 months ago

I'm very happy to see the results of this contest.

@theatrorve I haven't read all your post yet. Many congratulations!

@jacorv, @sohanurrahman and @bunker.universe have great entries! Congratulations!

We are all grains of sand that are making a nicer Community.

@worldoffootball thanks for the award. Thank you very much for making a better world through football and @steemit.

Also, thanks to @steemcurator01 for the support for the publications in the World Of Football Community.

To everyone, a happy Sunday and a week with health, love and happiness!


Haremos crecer esta comunidad. Entre todos lograremos cosas buenas en ella.

Felicitaciones @marcybetancourt

Hasta la proxima...