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Greetings everyone,

This week, we will be exploring the various roles/jobs in the game of football. This is because, football is not just the game of the players on the field. However, it is a combined efforts of many professionals that make it possible for it to function as a global sport. We are therefore going to consider everyone in this creative edition of our contests.


Among the many roles/jobs in the football world such as referee/assistant referees, scout, club president, football manager, football player, mascot, and so on, which would you prefer if you had to pick one. Tell us about the chosen role and your reasons for such preference. What are your goals for your first year on the job? Is there any particular person you look up to? And so on.


  • No plagiarism/copyright abuse.
  • Entry can be made in ANY language.
  • Entry should be made within this community.
  • Write NOT less than 300 words.
  • No form of plagiarism or copyright abuse.
  • Share on twitter/other social media such as Facebook.
  • Please use #footballcontest, our contest label for easy identification of entries.
  • Put the link to your entry in the comment below 👇
  • Be creative

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This particular edition will end on the 15th April, 2020.

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A wonderful and great contest. Keep the hard work moving💪💪💪

Thank you.

Greetings friend @njaywan for your creative content within the community, shortly my participation I will continue to support this great community

Thanks friend.

Looking forward for a great contest. I believe I will be the winner 👍👍

Good luck buddy.

I think you have to include the most reviled of all characters in football the referees and their assistants, that is one job I would surely no like.

Updated. Can't believe I missed such an important role. Many thanks.

Nice contest @njaywan . Thanks

gran concurso, me identifico mucho ya que siempre quise pertenecer a este selecto grupo de jugadores, arbitro o hasta mascota...

genial! ya empiezo a trabajar!!!

Saludos querida comunidad, acá les traigo mi participación, espero que les guste... BENDICIONES!!!

Thank you..

Wow!!! This is a great contest.


This is my entry link here

Thank you...

You are welcome boss.. thanks for checking my post

This is a nice contest once again and i will be working to post mine very soon. Indeed football is not just about the players being on the pitch playing but also what constitutes the game.

Thanks. Will be expecting your entry :)

Buenas tardes amigos, por acá les comparto mi participación

y por acá mi publicación en Twitter

Nice post, thank you...

Hola mi entrada ojalá sea de su agrado!

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Hola, esta es mi participación en el concurso PARTICIPACIÓN

mi primera entrada en la comunidad y mi primera semana en steemit

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Hola a todos esta es mi entrada a el concurso TELL US ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE ROLE IN THE FOOTBALL WORLD. Saludos y buenos deseos para todos.

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