WORLD OF FOOTBALL - Introduction Post & Guidelines

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Welcome to our World Of Football Community

This is a fresh community for all football fans here on steemit.

We have now created a safe space for you to pour out your thoughts on anything related to the football world. You can expect to see posts covering;

  • Many major leagues
  • Latest transfer deals and signings
  • News on your favorite club
  • International matches, etc

We hope to see discussions on matches, fixtures, football events and so on. History of favorite clubs, analysis on upcoming matches, healthy criticism on played matches, etc are highly encouraged.


Here are some ground rules but not limited to these;

  • Observe Content etiquette
    We detest plagiarism of any kind. All posts must be original else sources must be properly cited.

  • Post Materials Related to Football
    This community is specifically for football related posts. Desist from posting any other materials here.

  • No Abuse Of Any Kind
    We would hate to see any abusive comments or attacks here in this community. We know how intense football discussions can get and plead with all to respect one another. As our football players bend the knee before every match in an effort to fight racism, we would hate to see any racist posts here as well.

No Language Barrier

Football resonates in the hearts and minds of people across the world. As such posts can be in any language. The use of translators such as google translate is highly encouraged amongst members.


We don't have any specific league preference. All leagues are important and highly welcome here in this community so feel free to be as creative as you would like.


Expect to see some amazing contests in this community very soon. We hope to build tons of engagement here in this community and what better way to do that than some awesome contests.


Be sure to recruit many people to join in on the football conversations we will be having to foster engagement.

I would like to thank @steemcurator01 for suggesting the creation of this community.

Country Representatives are invited to translate this into their various languages.
Ghana (@oppongk), Nigeria (@beautychicks, @focusnow), Uganda (@yohan2on), Venezuela (@anasuleidy, @mariita52, @tocho2, @edlili24), Bangladesh (@tarpan, @toufiq777), India (@sapwood , @neerajkr03), Indonesia (@anroja, @ernaerningsih, @radjasalman), Japan (@cryptokannon), Pakistan (@rashid001), Sri Lanka (@randulakoralage, @besticofinder), Ukraine (@alexmove, @olesia, @antorv) and New Zealand (@kiwiscanfly), Russia (@knopka145), Argentina (@fendit, @belenguerra), Cameroon (@njiatanga)

Let the fun Begin!!!


This is great. It should be a popular community.

If you can find a couple of people who are keen on football to help you run the community that will be even better - as MODS or ADMINS.

And it will be even better if you can set up an official account for the community as well. If you then do some 100% powerup posts on that account we can give good votes to that account to build up your community voting power.

And if you kick-off with a football contest we can give some votes as prizes. Maybe "What was your favorite match of all time?" or "Tell us about your local football team" or any other ideas you have.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Sounds fantastic. I was just working on the community account.

I will look for people to fill those roles and assist in the running of this community. Contests will surely increase engagement and we will surely kick off with something similar to the one you suggested.

Thank you for this initiative Steemit Team.

Hola mi buen amigo, quiero formar parte de esto. Claro, dandole espacio a mi lengua hispanohablante y haciendo concursos muy divertidos semanales.

Literal tengo varias ideas que me gustaría compartir contigo, usas discord?

I agree. We do need people who speak different languages to fill such roles. Keep in touch.


This amazing, football is great passion that brings many together, this community will surely grow quickly

I'm hoping it will bro.

It will, its football everybody loves football

hello @njaywon, this is pretty good! i have been looking for a community like this where i can share my insights on football. its so pleasing that i am seeing this update from you. i can't wait to start sharing my contents. thanks for this initiative.

@njaywan I think the initiative is great, soccer feels and lives all over the world. I'm already working on the translation. My question is the following: in which community do I publish in Spanish? can it be in the community that I manage?


You should post the translation in your community of spanish members. That's where they are most likely to read it. Be sure to tag me so I can resteem as well.

Many thanks :).

Thank you very much for the initiative we are here to support each other.
Here is the link of the publication in Spanish :

This incredibly useful. Thank you for this.

Looking at this community of mine, it seems that if I start a community called Word of Cricket, perhaps Steemit can be promoted very quickly. I look forward to your valuable feedback from @steemcurator01. @steemcurator01 If you agree, I will start working with my maximum effort.

This creation of new community for sports sounds great idea since sports cover a great spectrum of areas. I hope we the Country Reps would be eager to support this community with great passion and enthusiasm. Most of us like sports. I am thinking if I can also also write some post advertising for sponsors to this community to that we get a curating team as soon as possible so that many Authors who would love to share with us here can get some appreciable upvotes and engagement. It is my fervent hope that with the great hard work engineered in steemit community you will get more hands patronizing with this amazing community. 😀🙏

Thank you for your kind works and warm regards @oppongk. Yes, it would be absolutely amazing if country representatives will really help promote this community as there are ultiple football lovers hurdling across the world.

We love sponsors here to help support our new community so it would be of great help. It's great having you here and thank you for reaching out 😊.

Wuao, qye bien @njaywan, que contento estoy de que se haya creado una comunidad sobre el Furbol.

Para mi una de mis tres pasiones en la vida.

El fútbol tiene un gran significado para mi. Está lleno de todo tipo de emociones: alegría, tristeza, orgullo, decepción, triunfos y derrotas, etc. Así como lo es la vida.

Me alegra muchisimo, solo falta que se cree una comunidad sobre la musica Metal, heavy, power, entre otras y definitivamente me mudare a vivir en #Steem

Gracias por crear esta iniciativa.

Hasta la proxima...

Visça Barça, Mes que un club

#steemitconnection #onepercent #venezuela

Yes!!! I am also very glad to have you here in our football community. I look forward in seeing some good entries from you @theatrorve.

Check out our first contest pinned on top of the community.

Gracias por el recibimiento.

Hasta la proxima...

Excelente iniciativa, el fútbol es un deporte que genera grandes pasiones.

Soy seguidor de La Vinotinto, selección venezolana, así mismo manejo la cuenta en Instagram de @barravinotinto con más de 15.000 seguidores.

Espero participar con ustedes, con el seguimiento de las ligas y selecciones del mundo.

Excellent initiative, soccer is a sport that generates great passions.

I am a follower of La Vinotinto, a Venezuelan national team, and I also manage the @barravinotinto Instagram account with more than 15,000 followers.

I hope to participate with you, with the follow-up of the leagues and teams of the world.

We will be happy to have you within this community and very glad if you could help promote to the Venezuela community as well.

Thank you for reaching out.

Thanks for creating a new football community. I think we have found our new home now. We can also help you as a Mod to manage this community, we've been on Steem for more than a year and understand the logic of how Steem works. Our account tells more on this!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a MOD for our newly created community. We are keen on getting MODs to help with the management of this beautiful place.

I see your posts are authentic and of good quality. Be sure to keep in touch :). I'll get to you soon.

Are you on discord? I need your username or link please?

Sure dfacademy#0704

Nice! Now I get to share updates about Football here in the Philippines, both local and on the national side.