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RE: WORLD OF FOOTBALL - Introduction Post & Guidelines

in World Of Football ⚽2 months ago

This creation of new community for sports sounds great idea since sports cover a great spectrum of areas. I hope we the Country Reps would be eager to support this community with great passion and enthusiasm. Most of us like sports. I am thinking if I can also also write some post advertising for sponsors to this community to that we get a curating team as soon as possible so that many Authors who would love to share with us here can get some appreciable upvotes and engagement. It is my fervent hope that with the great hard work engineered in steemit community you will get more hands patronizing with this amazing community. 😀🙏

 2 months ago 

Thank you for your kind works and warm regards @oppongk. Yes, it would be absolutely amazing if country representatives will really help promote this community as there are ultiple football lovers hurdling across the world.

We love sponsors here to help support our new community so it would be of great help. It's great having you here and thank you for reaching out 😊.

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