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RE: WORLD OF FOOTBALL - Introduction Post & Guidelines

This is great. It should be a popular community.

If you can find a couple of people who are keen on football to help you run the community that will be even better - as MODS or ADMINS.

And it will be even better if you can set up an official account for the community as well. If you then do some 100% powerup posts on that account we can give good votes to that account to build up your community voting power.

And if you kick-off with a football contest we can give some votes as prizes. Maybe "What was your favorite match of all time?" or "Tell us about your local football team" or any other ideas you have.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


Sounds fantastic. I was just working on the community account.

I will look for people to fill those roles and assist in the running of this community. Contests will surely increase engagement and we will surely kick off with something similar to the one you suggested.

Thank you for this initiative Steemit Team.