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This looks like great progress.

Good to have got the @worldoffootball account set up. This would have been an ideal post to have put out on that new account to kickstart it.

We would suggest getting a variety of MODS and ADMINS from around the world, who cover different languages.

One area you will have to be particularly careful about will be sourcing of images.

Most footballer images are not free to use / copyright free. You will need to research that carefully and give clear guidelines as we will find it difficult to vote on posts using copyrighted images.

Maybe you could team up with the art community to do a contest for people to produce paintings or drawings of famous footballers !

Thank you

The Steemit Team

 2 months ago 

Yes, I am currently looking for a diverse team of ADMINS/MODS from around the world but it is taking longer than I intended. I am on the lookout for people who show promising signs of making a good MOD/ADMIN here. I am open to any of your suggestions as well.

I am going to research on the sites that offer copyright-free images of football as a sport and post it through the @worldoffootball account to enlighten everyone.

An art contest is a fantastic idea and teaming up with the art community is sure to broaden the scope of participation. That will surely be our next contest.

Thanks Steemit Team.

For the football art contest you could talk with Country Reps @adeljose and @leveuf as they are both involved with World of Xpilar where there are a lot of artists.

Also @stef1 specializes in that area.

If we come across any keen football fans that might be good mods/admins we will tag you.

Maybe also ask the other country reps if they know anyone suitable.

Thank you for mentioning friend @steemcurator01.

Already the friend @njaywan made contact with me through Discord, and we achieved a good starting theme for his community. There will be many good events coming up in this area.


A la expectativa!

Thanks for the heads up, Steemit Team!! I'll be in contact with @Njaywan, to know about this new community and how I can help!!

 2 months ago 

This is super helpful. I will contact them and get their discord accounts so that we can plan it very well.

I will also reach out to the country representatives on the steeming curator channel to see who might be suitable.

Thanks once again.

Hello, @Njaywan!! We are friends now in Discord!! :)
I'm going to start our conversation in there to know how I can help!!
Best regards!!

 2 months ago 

Thanks for reaching out @leveuf. I already sent you a message. Looking forward to working with you :).