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Greetings football fans ! Thanks to @worldoffootball for hosting this contest. I am really excited to interview my favorite national player. When I was 15 years old , I always had a dream of becoming football player but due to some issues I couldn't continue. There are few questions that I like to ask him like how he overcame situation I faced and more.

One day , I suddenly got call that I have been selected as lucky candidate to have a chat with my favorite national player, Nawayug Shrestha. I remembered that I participated in lucky contest in which winners get chance to get meet and talk to him.

Player Name : Nawayug Shrestha


I was very excited to talk to him but I had not that much time that I wanted. But I decided to ask important questions that I prepared ..

Me - Hello, How are you doing ? Glad to chat with you.

Nawayug - Hi, I'm good. Congrats for being the lucky winner.

Me -Thanks. Since I don't I am given limited time , so I will directly move to my question. I also had a dream of becoming football player but due to financial instability in football sector and having rough time financially, I left the path of becoming professional. Did you face these similar conditions?

Nawayug - Definitely I also had a similar thought on that one but didn't quit it. I realized someday our country will give more attention to football. So I practiced daily with my friends improving skills to be able to play in big league. Later I decided to join Army in hope that I could play from that Army Club. I practiced regularly , worked hard and played well for the team and help winning league trophies. I always hoped that I could play for the national too but never got the chance to prove myself.

I always knew that there was something wrong there within the national football association. But even though I wanted to ask him to clarify few things .

Me - So how did you overcame the challenges of not getting chance to play ?

Nawayug - It was for so so long time that I never got chance to prove myself. But I think you know what happened 5-6 years ago. All those headlines making in the front news. I guess I don't need to say more, you already understood. With that problem out of the way, I got chance to play as I was quickly recognized by new coach. Till the date I am so thankful to the coach that he trusted me and gave me chance and help me to reach where I am now.

Me - Can you highlight your few achievements ?

Nawayug - Sure , I got three hattricks with few months of my time. First hattrick against Maldives in Bangabandhu Cup. Second against Maldives again in South Asian Games and last against Bhutan in same tournament. I scored winning goal against India in Finals to help the team to lift the trophy.

** Me - What's your thought on current state of our country Football ?**

Nawayug - I think I am happy with the condition compared to back 6-7 years ago. Previously , football was not looked by higher ups. We struggled very hard to play any matches due to lack of support from the management side that leads us to loss everytime. But now since things changed, we could focus on game, train, improve and able to win games, trophies and get lot of support from the country. Even though I guess we need more support financially and launch more programs to give chance to the younger ones to prove themselves.

Me - I am almost out of the time. So , last question for how long you will play and what do you want to say to those who want to become professional football player ?

Nawayug - Umm... I guess for 5-6 years. I don't want to hold that position more because I want to give that position to other younger capable players. If I cannot play well then even more early...hhahah... My message would be simple : Train hard daily. Make your way progressively . Always learn from great players and always learn new things. Don't give up. Don't think, this is enough. Always give your best and push to your limits. Remember others are also working hard to surpass everyone that means if you don't play well or neglect then your are going to fall down. So move ahead of them or with them or don't fall behind too much. Always pay attention to fitness. Learn from defeats. Move On from defeats and don't rest on wins. Just keep on going. Just ENJOY FOOTBALL with your teammates and make your way to glory.

Me - Wow...Thank you so much for final words. I guess time is up. With that I want to wish good luck for future. Once more thank you.


So, this is how my interview went with my favorite national player. And I loved every moment of it and will never forget it.

Thank you for reading . Good day !!

Special thanks to @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 for their constant support.

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That's an excellent post from you about Nawayug Shrestha @sumanthp,

Excellent presentation.

It produced a very nice post and a great entry.

Thank you for your participation in the contest #16.

Best of luck!!!

Excellent post @sumanthp.

Nawayug Shrestha is a very talented player.

Good luck in the contest!

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