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This week, we were thrilled by the enthusiasm of our community members towards the game of football. Many beautiful entries were made which we enjoyed reading. We still had one or two entries that had copyright issues. Such users should read our guide on obtaining copyright-free images. We would also like to say a big thank you for all the entries that were made. Indeed, they were all great.

Here are the winners of our Contest Week #7

1st Place : @theatrorve


Semana del concurso 7 : Si fuera jugador de fútbol | Theatrorve anuncia su retiro | Venezolano-Ingles | Escrito original de @theatrorve | Sábado 14 11 2020 | #worldoffootball

@theatrorve used a very creative way to present his entry. From his post, we see a great player's journey in the game of football as he rises from the ranks at the various teams he played at. He continued to persevere even after the sudden loss from the 2018 world cup. He then becomes the substitute for great player and later on, the main topic of matches. Great player, great achievements.


2nd Place : @marcybetancourt


Contest Week #7 - If I was a football player | Defense Player

@marcybetancourt also presented an amazing entry. Her desire to be at the defensive side as a right wing is fueled by her ability to give long and direct passes. Her mindset for charity is a great one as she intends to help the world battle climate change and protect the environment for our future generations. Great entry.


3rd Place : @jacorv


Si fuera jugador de fútbol - Semana del concurso #7

@jacorv fancies playing at the defensive midfield position side for either Chelsea or Dortmund. He looks up to great players such as the likes of Kante Caseimiro. His charitable mindset is to donate 20% of his salary to his country as well as build stadiums and recreational centers. Great entry.


4th Place : @sohanurrahman


Contest Week #7 - If I was a football player : Attacking midfilder

@sohanurrahman also intends to play as an attacking midfielder. Players at this position are vital to chance creation as well as goal scoring. He would also like to spend more time with his family during his free days and help support the orphanage. Very commendable, nice entry.


5th Place : @bunker.universe


Semana del concurso 7 : Si fuera jugador de fútbol - Bunker

@bunker.universe intends to play in the defensive midfield side of big teams like AC Milan where the like of Kaka played. He intends to create football training centers for youngsters with the desire to play the sport. His plan for charity is to help support cancer foundations. Great plan


The steem prizes have been sent to our various winners. Congratulations.


Many thanks to @steemcurator01 for all the support rendered

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I'm very happy to see the results of this contest.

@theatrorve I haven't read all your post yet. Many congratulations!

@jacorv, @sohanurrahman and @bunker.universe have great entries! Congratulations!

We are all grains of sand that are making a nicer Community.

@worldoffootball thanks for the award. Thank you very much for making a better world through football and @steemit.

Also, thanks to @steemcurator01 for the support for the publications in the World Of Football Community.

To everyone, a happy Sunday and a week with health, love and happiness!

Haremos crecer esta comunidad. Entre todos lograremos cosas buenas en ella.

Felicitaciones @marcybetancourt

Hasta la proxima...

Muy, pero muy contento por haber alcanzado la cima del podio en este concurso.

En realidad me gusto mucho participar. No solo por haber conseguido ganar, claro que es importante, sino por haberme divertido muchísimo escribiendo esta participación.

Contar la historia de mi retiro y la carrera imaginaria que tuve en mi sueño de ser jugador profesional del deporte rey me causo una gran alegría que gracias a ustedes fue recompensada.

Que bueno que esta comunidad se creo. Es una vía para poder compartir una de mis tres grandes pasiones en la vida.

Felicito a todos los compañeros que lograron podio en este concurso y a quienes participaron en el mismo. En verdad que hacen difícil la competencia con la calidad de sus publicaciones. No debe ser fácil ser juez en la misma.

Gracias por el apoyo a #worldoffootball y por la creación de esta iniciativa.

Hasta la proxima...

#onepercent #venezuela

Estoy muy feliz por ti! Muy merecido por tus valiosos aportes. Permíteme un gran abrazo!

Gracias @marcybetancourt.

Tu también lo hicisteis fenomenal. Y el concurso que acaban de lanzar esta fenomenal para ti por el tema que plantea.

Nos leemos en esas publicaciones.

Hasta la proxima...

Thank you for mentioning my work. It was an amazing contest.

Congratulations to @theatrorve, @marcybetancourt, @jacorv, @sohanurrahman and @bunker.universe.
A great team of a legendary team @worldoffootball is being created here.
I will could to serve balls :)

Thanks! :)

¡Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores!

Fue un buen torneo. Estuvo cerrado, yo llegué detrás de la ambulancia, pero estubo bueno.


#onepercent #venezuela #affable