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Greetings everyone,

For the past few weeks, we have had a lot of newcomers trooping into our community. This is great and implies that our football community is growing strongly making it necessary to maintain this forward momentum. However, it has been observed that most newcomers have no prior knowledge about content etiquette or copyright-abuse making it difficult for them to produce good football post within the community.

This is why it is very important for us to undergo this training session in order for our community members to grasp a full understanding of our community guidelines and produce better content as a whole. A successful completion of these tasks will earn you the official member tag which means you are now fully aware of the norms of our community.


This process is going to take into account the various challenges most of our steemians are currently facing and provide relevant information/guidelines pertaining to these areas. This way, an effective education can take place and we can produce more quality content producers right here in our world of football community.

There is going to be 3 important items in this verification process. This is because, members will need to understand fully the following concepts; plagiarism, copyright & punishment involved in flaunting these rules. As a newcomer, most of these things are already covered in the achievement tasks of the Newcomer's community so be sure to start from there.


Plagiarism is the act of taking someone's work and presenting it as your own. It comes in various forms. This is because not only word for word copying and pasting is termed as plagiarism. Even if you paraphrased from an external source without giving proper credit to the author, it is still covered under the umbrella of plagiarism. And ignorance is also not an excuse here since committing this offense unintentionally is still plagiarism.

Read the achievement 3 post within the the newcomer's community to find out more about this topic.

You can always read an article to broaden your horizon on various happenings around the world. However, you must refrain from presenting those ideas as your own since it is a serious crime and attracts a great penalty in the real world.

Here on steemit, plagiarism is heavily frown upon as well and each community has their own way of tackling it. In our world of football community, we have also devised some disciplinary sanctions for this offense. You can read about it in the post below.


Most of the time, members would like to use current images of players after a particular match in making a post. However, most football images are not free which is why it is very important to identify the copyright-free images suitable for your posts.

Copyright is a legal right given to authors or owners of materials such as images, music or other items making them the legal custodians of these materials. This protects them from theft or unauthorized usage and any user seen to flaunt these rules is said to have breached the copyright laws and can face charges in real life.

This is why it is important for you to find copyright-free images for your articles and properly cite your sources in order for us to verify its source. The post below will guide you on how to do this.

The post below will further guide you on how to properly cite your sources.

Failure to use copyright-free images will result in the muting of the faulty post.

Guidelines to writing your membership validation post

The following are guidelines to help you in making a post for validation. Members should demonstrate thorough understanding of the various subjects in order to validate their membership within the community.

In not less than 250 words, present a membership validation post to our world of football community.

Post may be in ANY language.

Good Luck!!

  • Post title : Membership Validation Post by @yoursername : Date.
  1. What posts do you intend to create in this community?
  2. What do you understand by the term content etiquette?
  3. What is plagiarism and how do you intend to refrain from this act?
  4. What do you understand by copyright-abuse?
  5. Where can you find copyright-free images for your posts?
  6. How do you properly cite an image or post. Show the license details as well.
  7. What is the consequence of plagiarism and copyright abuse in this community?
  8. Include a photo of yourself holding a sheet that has ; @yourusername, post date and steemit worldoffootball.
  9. Conclude your post and add this line at the bottom, "I am well aware of the rules of this community as well as the norms of steemit and will abide by them at all times"

Be sure to include #wof-validation as one of your tags so I can easily find such posts

Once you pass this stage, your membership will now be validated in our community.

For now, only members who have consistently produced great content and added value to the community have their membership to be validated.

Note : There will be proper scrutiny of accounts to check the issue of multiple accounts before verification so be sure to refrain from this act or face the consequences.

Thank you for your attention.

Join our discord group for discussion of matters in relation to this community

Thank you very much for your love and support

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Excellent idea my friend, it is important to understand these topics, because of the large number of people, order must be maintained. great job!

Dear administrator of the WORLDOFFOOTBALL group, what does it mean LABEL NULL? So you removed me from the group members? Why? Have I broken something?

No sorry for the misunderstanding. We are just clearing all labels for a proper labelling procedure to begin soon.

Hi, this is great, it helps the community and allows it to grow in quality content. Greetings.

Excellent post @worldoffootball, I already understood how to search for images in Google with free lincence. Thank you very much.

I will prepare my validation post for the community.


Looking forward to your membership validation post.

Buenos días amigo @njaiwan claro que sí realizaré mi publicación para obtener la membresía y nuevamente felicitaciones es un excelente trabajo el que vienen realizando.

Hola amigo @njaywan, aquí te dejo mi post de validación. Saludos y buenos deseos.

Hello friend @njaywan yesterday delegated 50 Steem Power to the community.

Saludos amigos, esta es mi validación

Hello @njaywan. I did delegate 50 Steem Power to the community. Could you check? Thanks.

Very important post. I support all the content.

It is complicated the plagiarism situation. The selection and curation processes become slower if you don't comply with the Community rules.

Regards @worldoffootball and @njaywan

Saludos comunidad, aquí tienen mi publicación para ser validada, espero poder cumplir con los requisitos... Bendiciones!!!

Saludos amigo aquí le dejo mi validación mujeres al poder jaja

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I posted my validation two days ago but it has not been checked

Un cordial saludo aquí les comparto mi presentación de membresia.
Espero les guste bendiciones y éxitos para todos.

Oh no😰 it's been awhile I posted here only for me to come and learn about validation post I have been an old and faithful member, now I have to go and start writing about plagiarism and content equette again 😡 I think a picture of you holding your name and date should do instead of writing a post. What now?

Hello, @worldoffootball, I would like to join thus wonderful community and i promise to abide by the rules, here's a link to my validation post

Mi proceso de Verificacion


Tarde pero seguro.

Espero cumplir con lo pedido

Hasta la proxima...