The cross post summons the cross poster's autovotes.

In a way, it does give undervalued post more rewards. The rep increase goes to the cross poster though.

Given that, I think if I wanted to go hunting for posts for the community, I would probably cross-post them from my alt as a general rule.

There are pros and cons to this new feature.

Good Q. I think in future each community would be tied to a different SMT, so it would make more sense then. Aside from that, if you want to pull a post into your community that was posted outside of it, this would be the mechanism. If you weren't following the original poster and came directly to steem for a community, you might not otherwise know that post exists.

Beyond that I'm trying to figure out the implications myself. I did just discover that crossposting will draw the autovotes following your account.

thanks. and i see that your auto votes go 95% to author / hive and 5% to you. is that a standard thing or did you set that?

It seems to be the standard. I have no idea if it can be changed, but I hope not since it could easily be abused.

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