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RE: Steem Monsters Giveaway 12 - Continuation Event (2000 DEC and 1 untamed pack)

1.) I feel that the current state of SteemIt is shit excuse my french but Justin Sun f***ed up everything we built over the years.
2.) The best way to gain exposure I believe is to engage with the community with comments and joining Discord groups.
3.) What I like and dislike about SteemIt. At this point I dislike everything about SteemIt there isn’t much left to like about it after the actions of Justin Sun but Hive is great, the majority of the community has made the move and I like the vibe in Hive.
4.) Little bit about Hive and the fork. After Justin Sun attempted a hostile takeover of our chain Steem the community witnesses had to create a new chain to get rid of the threat. If you haven’t checked out Hive just go to and use your same keys to login and join the majority of the community at our new home. Hive is very similar to Steem it is basically the same thing but controlled by the community instead of Justin Sun.

If you need any help or have any questions related to Hive let me know and I will be happy to help you out.


Since it's just the two of you, I gave each of you 1000 Dec for participating. Check your steem engine @californiacrypto @cryptictruth

It means a lot that you dropped by. I tend to get really discourage when I don't have any engagements haha

Thanks. You decide to check out Hive yet?

I checked it out, but I haven't had the chance to explore all the communities on there yet. I'm thinking about creating another giveaway there just to test things out. Currently, I'm just sitting back and see how things are going to turn out

Check it out. I noticed I been getting more upvotes on there then I did on Steem before all this went down.

I managed to log into my Hive Blog account a bit earlier, but what is the different between posting on there and posting on PeakD? Sorry for the silly question, I'm familiar with their peekmonsters app, but never used PeakD before. I'm gonna try to test out Hive when I have a chance, but I'm still going to keep an eye on both platforms since I haven't pick a side yet. is like just another front end to access the blockchain you could use whichever one you like most. had a wallet issue so most are using

I didn't realize they have a wallet issue. Thanks for telling me that