Beta Summoner Review and Giveaway: Tyrus Paladium

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Hello fellow Summoners,

I am running yet another one of my giveaways! I have stopped for a while because I have been busy and I don't want to post too much in fear of making them seem spammy. But I have come out of my shell to do another giveaway! This giveaway is for Tyrus Paladium, the beta life summoner who gives +1 armor to all friendly monsters.

Credits: Splinterlands

Card Levels

This is a summoner so you will have to level him up to use higher level cards. At level 1, you can only use level 1 cards but it goes up higher as the summoner levels go higher. Here are the stats:
There are 2 types of Tyrus, the Alpha and Beta version. The Alpha version gives you an extra 10% DEC per battle which can really add up. The one I'm giving away today though is only a Beta version.

Card Experiences

I don't use Tyrus much but I have faced it countless times and can be very annoying. Its extra shield is perfect for the life Splinter since life focuses more on armor than any other Splinter. I usually lose battles because I can't break through that one armor.

Giveaway Rules

All you have to do to enter my giveaway is to upvote and comment your favorite summoner. Mine is Daria. Re-Steeming is optional but greatly appreciated! Then comment a number from 1 to 100. In a couple of days, I will be announcing the winners! Stay tuned!


mine would be selenia sky.
i choose 8

Selina sky, a very nice choice. I like her too. Good luck!

I like Selenia Sky, my number is 23.

For now I cannot afford her, but renting her is making me living my dream.


Renting is also awesome, and it is nice to know it is letting you play with a really nice summoner. Good luck!

Indeed! Being a lower level, I often say to myself thanks @peakmonsters for making renting possible.

Yodin Zaku would be great.

number 11

Yes Zaku is awesome, he is my number 1 summoner. The blast ability is really crazy! Good luck!

I like malric inferno. 50

Malric is a very solid fire summoner. Good luck!

Yes it is.. ;)



Resteemed :)

Daria Dragonscale is the best one!

The 13

Really love that enthusiasm. Good luck!

Mine is Alric. I will choose no. 52

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I would have to say... Mimosa. Number wise... I will go with... 31

Just like before, I will go with number 81. My favorite summoner is Altric Stormbringer.

My personal favorite is probably Zintar Mortalis. My number is 92.

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