Daily Quest Rewards + Card Review


Hey guys, this is my 3rd post on Splinterlands. I am a noob here who has been playing for around a month and a half. I hope that I will be posting more posts since I have more time during quarantine.

Daily Quest

Today's daily quest was to win battles with Earth Splinter. My Earth Splinter ins't fully developed yet and that has dropped my trophy rating a bit and also took me a while to win.

I lost an average of 2 battle for every 1 win. Very shameful. I dropped from dimond 3 to gold 1 but at least I didn't go all the way down to silver. Now let's see what I got!

Will at least I got rares. Never seem to catch any of them in chests. Overall it was a decent day but I wished that I got a better quest to do.

Card Review

OK so now for my card review. The card I will be reviewing today is: Phantom of the Abyss
I just bought one yesterday from the Splinterlands market for $2.95. It has now dropped to $2.80 so I think I bought it a big early.
Even so, I believe it is worth every cent. Let's see what makes this card worthy of being called a legendary:

Magic Attack

The first thing that is attractive about this card is its relatively high magic attack especially for a level one. Magic attacks are, in my opinion, the best types of attacks; it never misses and it can be used at the front or back.

Dodge and Flying

Both its dodge and flying ability makes it very good against monsters who have slow speed. This is because they will have a higher tendency to miss Phantom when attacking! Both flying and dodge give it a 50% chance of dodging against normal enemies.

High Speed

Phantom also has an extremely high speed of 6. This means that it will almost always go first and also means that the chance of monsters with 1 speed are 100% going to miss!


Overall the Phantom of the Abyss is a very good card, showing high magic attack and a good dodge chance. Its only weakness is magic which should be put into consideration when using this card!

Thank you very much for reading this post! Please upvote if you liked it and give me suggestions for future posts!

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