End of The Season- A Noob's Journey + Giveaway!

Welcome to my Splinterlands Journey! If you didn't know already, I just started playing Splinterlands a month ago and am really enjoying the game. Feel free to take a look at my other articles; I hope you enjoy them!

Today is the end of the season today which means a lot of chests to open!

I managed to put myself in Gold 1 which I think is especially good for a starter like me and I got 30 loot chests. Here is what I got:


Let's focus first on the first 3 rows of cards I received:
From the first 15 chests, I received a total of 138 DEC, 2 Alchemy and Legendary Potions each, 1 Rare Octopider, 1 Ethhin Spearman, 1 Barking Spider, and 1 Flame Monkey.

The Octopider is a good ranged unit, having high attack and high health. Its drawback is its high mana cost. This makes it bad for low mana battles which seem to happen a lot.

Ethhin Spearman is very similar to Octopider, costing the same amount of health but sacrificing speed for health. Again, good range and health but bad in low mana battles.

Barking Spider is a low mana tanky ranged unit. It is good in scenarios where melee cannot be used, and Target Practice, or the Ranged can be used in First Position scenarios. The high health allows it to tank shots, giving more squishy fighter a better chance at hitting the enemy.

Flame Monkey is not a very good card at low levels but an awesome card at high levels. Flame Monkey is a support card; when leveled up, it can give repair and swiftness.

Now let's look at my next 15 chests that I received:
Another chest drop filled with DEC and potions. I received 94 DEC, 3 Legendary Potions, 1 Alchemy Potion, and 6 cards.

The first card I would like to focus on is the gelatinous cube. This cube is an AWESOME tank, absorbing all attacks done to it, healing itself when a monster dies, or at higher levels, just healing itself during its turn. I believe this card could be seen as Lord A's common counterpart.

I got another Wtthin Spearman and Barking spider...

Silvershield Assassin. A wonderful surprise! Silvershield Assassin is an awesome card due to its double strike, sneak ability and its poison at its higher level. When used with a rally monster or anything else that gives +1 melee, its attack increases by 2! It is great for destroying your enemies back line and I am grateful to get it.

2 Wave Runner. Not a bad water monster but I prefer electric eels. Water Runner is a good reach card and though a big lacking in health, it makes up for a good melee attack amount.A very good card at high levels, putting it behind a tank is a very good strategy!

Though overall I am disappointed that I didn't get an epic or legendary, this isn't the worst pull I have gotten (I remember my first season where I pulled only DEC and potions RIP).

As for today's giveaway I will be giving out a Sniping Narwhal. It is a very good sniping unit capable of destroying your opponent's back line! All you need to do is write what you received during the end of the season and what your favorite card from it was.
If you haven't already, make sure you joined my previous giveaway. I will be giving out 1 card to a lucky winner on April 1st! Join here: https://steempeak.com/battle/@cornavirus/splinterlands-in-the-eyes-of-a-newbie-giveaway