Goblin Mech: Weekly Challenge


Hello fellow Summoners,

This week's Battle Share Contest by @splinterlands. The link is here:
The theme is the Goblin Mech, a Neutral Monster. A neutral monster means it is super versatile and can be used for any splinter! That versatility is shared by all Neutral monsters. As with any other card, this card gets better abilities as you level it up. Leveling Goblin mech up is not an easy task though; it requires 505 cards to get to level 10 since it is a common monster.

Experiences With The Mech

Ever since I started playing Splinterlands, to around a month ago, I've used Goblin Mech as my favorite tank other than Living Lava; its pierce ability made it a monster in Armour Up mode. Even so, I do not use it much anymore since it can easily be melted using magic attacks and its high mana costs make it unreasonable to use in those ever frequent low mana battles.

Card Level

On the delegated account which I play on, I use a level 8 goblin mech which has the stun ability. The stats are also highly increased, making it much better than that of its level 1 counterpart.
Goblin Mech starts at level 1 with the piercing ability, allowing it to break through armor and hit health. This makes it especially useful for destroying units with a small shield like stonesplitter orc. At higher levels, it gets the stun ability which can make the unit it attacks lose a turn and become vulnerable to units with knockout. This makes it very useful in the Knockout ruleset, a recently introduced ruleset!


It was a new rule match that has been recently introduced and quite frankly I like the rule as it gives your opponent who is less strong, card wise an equally opportunity with the EQUALIZER image.png rule makes a lot of difference and gives equal opportunity to the players as well.


The ruleset I had in this battle was Close Ranged and Equalizer. Remember how I said before that Goblin Mech can easily be melted with magic attacks? Not anymore because its health will now be equivalent to the highest health monster on the battlefield! Close Ranged doesn't really affect Goblin Mech.

Summoner + Monster Choices


Daria Dragonscale: Daria is hands down the BEST summoner in my opinion (other than the legendary summoners). This is mainly because it is my highest level summoner but it is also because it is a dragon summoner which gives +1 melee attack buff! I love using her in most matches and I think most players also think the same about her.


GOBLIN MECH - In first position is the man, or should I say mech, himself. I put him in first position to take out the first tank and hopefully do enough damage to bust the second tank up a bit. Its high damage and health are perfect for the job.

Enchanted Defender - In second position is the Enchanted Defender. His high armor and thorns makes it practically immune to melee attacks. His only weakness is against magic which is quickly fixed in the equalizer ruleset. It is my second tank, just in case Goblin Mech dies too quickly.

SLIVERSHEILD ASSASSIN- My most favorite life card! Perfect for wreaking havoc on my opponent's back line. Daria give her +1 melee attack giving it 3 attack. The double strike makes that a total of 6 damage per turn! It can break through small shields (perfect against Tyrus) and hit the health! This card has won me many battles and I hope it will not let me down for this one!

Armorsmith - The fourth monster in my team, the armorsmith. The armorsmith gives back 2 armor per turn and is especially useful in putting back the armor on goblin mech, enchanted defender, and silvershield assassin!

Black Dragon - One of my favorite legendaries! Black dragon gives strengthen, life leech, slow, and flying. In equalizer, he fixes up one of his biggest cons, his low life. Having higher health means it can have so much health and will be a last resort in case the enemy gets as far as my black dragon. Plus, it will have time to gain a lot of health.

Lone Boatman - The last card on my team. Lone boatman has the snipe ability which I find very useful for taking out pesky healers. In addition, it has the repair ability which means I recover an additional 2 armor per turn, bringing the total up to 4! The boatman is a really amazing card!

The battle link:

Did It Work?

Tyrus, that annoying life summoner! His 1 armor upgrade makes my first attack become ignored. Thank fully I prepared for that and both Goblin Mech and Silvershield assassin are good counters. Truth Speaker is going to be troublesome though. Hydra and Cornealus are going to be very troublesome as well as peacebringer and air elemental. Might be a tough battle.

Turn 2

Doesn't look to good for me. The goblin mech is halfway gone and his hydra still looks healthy. Lone Boatman and armorsmith is the only reason why my mech is still alive. If I didn't have them, I would be scraping my mech off the battlefield.

Turn 3

My monsters got rid of the hydra (whew) and are moving onto the second tank. The other team seems to also be wanting to move onto the second tank from the looks of the air elemental's attack. Disappointing that the mech did not survive to hit the dwarf at least once. But its got its job done, stunning the hydra a couple of times and breaking through its shield. Without those abilities, I wouldn't have a chance of winning this battle.

Turn 4

Start of round 4 looked like this. My silvershield has just attacked the cornealus. Nothing too interesting about the end of turn 3, the only thing dying was the goblin mech. Still looking very dark for me.

Turn 5

Brought his dwarf's health to 5 but I still have to deal with the enraged. My enchanted looks beat up but the battle is starting to look fairer! Just need my silvershield to land both hits on the cornealus and my chances of winning will be much higher!

Turn 6

Cornealus is gone but if my silvershield falls, I can say goodbye to my chances of winning. The peacekeeper and air elemental look threatening and his grumpy dwarf is still alive and angry!

Turn 7

Truthspeaker almost dead and my assassin took no damage! Armor is a really awesome thing and my two repair monsters are keeping the shield up!

Turn 8

I'm not out of the woods yet. Remember, this match is close ranged which means a series of bad luck could still ruin my win! Thankfully none of the opponent's monsters have piercing allowing my armor to block most of the attacks.

End Result

It turned out to be a win for me. All of my cards played a huge roll in the win and it was a really well fought game! My opponent played very well and I congratulate him on that battle!

Looking Back

Looking back at the battle, would I have changed anything? I don't believe I would have. Everything was perfectly in sync in the battle. Monsters died when I needed them to and my armor prevented me from losing too much health. My double repair combo meant that the goblin mech and enchanted defender survived a lot longer than they should have. Goblin mech played a very important role of destroying the hydra and stunning it. A job well done Goblin Mech!


I have some ending questions for my readers. Do you use Gobling Mech? DO you enjoy using it? Why do you use it?

Thank you for reading my post and BATTLE ON!


Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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