Season Ending + Giveaway

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Hey fellow summoners, it is the end of another grueling season and I managed to net myself 50 Loot Chests from ending at Diamond 2 this season.


Here is a screenshot of my loot from peakmonsters:
As you can see, I got a spirit miner! The rest were not very good, just consisting of a lot of commons, and a couple of rares and 1 epic.

I also got a few DEC but all of them were in the double digits except some which were single digits. 😢
I did get an orb though so I bought some potions and decided to open it and another orb I had saved up.

Here is what I got:
The first pack was about the same as what I usually get from my orbs so I was pretty sad. But the second orb was awesome and gave me a Lord of Fire! Yay!!!

Looking Back

Last season I didn't really play much so this season I'll try to play more often. I joined a couple of tournaments and managed to snatch a couple of wins and some DEC so I'll try to do more of it this season.


I will be giving away 3 barking spiders to 3 lucky winners. All you need to do is comment what was the most valuable thing you got from the season end. Then comment a number from 1 to 100. Upvote is not required but appreciated!

Giveaway Results

Last giveaway, I gave away a Tyrus Paladium to 1 lucky winner! It was very close but @hydrodino won! I will be sending the card to you once I finished the post. The lucky number was:
Good job and good luck to the future participants ()

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i got a evangelist, got to say it didnt really workout for me with rewards this time...... i pick 8

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