Speed and Evasion Chances - Your Guide to Splinterlands

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Hello fellow summoners,

This is the second Splinterlands Guide that I am writing. This guide will be about speed and the chance of missing. I am writing this since many people have ask how chance of missing is calculated in the Splinterlands Discord (Join here: https://discord.gg/gmws8Yr).


In the How to Play section of Splinterlands, there is this information about speed:
Many people don't go to the How to Play section which is a shame since there are many details there worth reading. Even so, many people don't understand how evasion chance is calculated.


The formula for evasion is the following:

(Speed Difference x 10%) + 25% (if there is dodge) + 25% (if there is flying but it won't work on other flying troops or snare troops) + 15% (if there is blind) = Evade Chance

Obviously the speed difference only applies to the faster monster so a slower monster cannot evade an attack from a higher speed monster unless the lower speed monster has either dodge or flying OR the higher speed monster has blind.

And yes, you can have an 100% miss chance.

The Speed Difference is reversed in reversed speed though so the slower speed monster can evade a high speed monster and a high speed monster CANNOT evade a low speed monster. Flying, Dodge and Blind stats stay the same though.


TO illustrate what evasion chance looks like, I am going to show a battle using my favorite evade card, The Phantom of The Abyss:

Battle Ruleset:

The battle ruleset was super sneak and even stevens and the mana cap was 16. Everything except fire and death were allowed.

Chosen Monsters + Summoner:

Xia Sea Chan

I chose Xia Seachan because of the low mana cap and even stevens since that allows me to use that 1 last mana effectively.

Furious Chicken:

Absorbs the firs shot of the opponent.

Electric Eels:

Another tank to hold the line while my phantom does the job

Phantom of the Abyss:

The dodge and flying and high speed monster of the day! The high damage is also awesome!


Turn 1:

I killed his chicken using my Phantom, and my eels hit his spineback turtle while the spineback turtle missed my phantom with 100% miss chance.
(Evasion = 25% (from Flying) +25% (From dodge) + 50% (from speed difference))
The pirate archer hit my eels with a 30% miss chance.

Turn 2:

My phantom and eels hit his sea monster and his sea monsters killed my eels. The pirate archer and the spineback turtle missed my phantom with a 100% miss chance:
(Evasion = 25% (from Flying) +25% (From dodge) + 50% (from speed difference))

Turn 3:

My phantom hit the sea monster for 3 damage making it 2 health. The sea monster hit my phantom with a 10% hit chance:
(Evasion = 25% (from Flying) +25% (From dodge) + 40% (from speed difference))
and the pirate archer and spineback turtle missed with 100% miss chance. (At this point, if I can kill the sea monster, I win)

Turn 4:

My phantom brought the sea monster down to 1 health and all his monsters missed.

Turn 5:

Killed his sea monster and now everything on his side cannot hit my phantom:
(Evasion = 25% (from Flying) +25% (From dodge) + 50% (from speed difference))
so I win!


I hope you learned something from this evasion lesson and how to calculate it. Learning to calculate it will help you make informed decisions about the chances of missing and that Speed really matters. That concludes my Speed Guide and as always BATTLE ON!

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