Splinterlands Pack Opening + Season Ending: A Noob's Journey #4 + Epic Giveaway!


Hey summoners, this is my 4th post ever in Splinterlands and I hope you will give me some advice on how to improve my post :). I didn't post this yesterday because I was very busy battling and trying to raise my rank to no avail. Without further ado, let's see what I got in my openings:

Season Openings

I was very disappointed from the rewards I got this season:

The only decent thing I got from the chests was a grand total of 1.3k DEC and a kraken. I even had potions on and I didn't get a gold foil :(. After being depressed by what cards I got, I decided I should go open some packs. So I bought packs from Monstermarket (shoutout to reazuliqbal and zaku for creating such a great service! Be sure to check them out!) to see if my luck would get better. Let's check out what I got!

Pack Openings

Only 2 gold cards and no legendaries. I am very disappointing overall but I rejoiced that my packs were not saturated with useless commons. Last time I opened packs, it was filled with sniping narwhales. They aren't a bad card, it is just that I don't use them much.


To conclude this post, my season wasn't great but it probably isn't the worst season there was. I got a legendary and 2 gold foiled commons out of the packs and chests and that is better than a bunch of commons. I do hope that my next season is better.


Now for the giveaway, I will be giving away a soulstorm epic! I will be using a random number generator, so pick a number from 1 to 100! The closest number gets the prize! All you need to do is to comment your number, upvote, and if you would like me to implement a raffle section in my posts. Will announce the winner in 4 days.


I am implementing a raffle in my posts in addition to my card giveaways. Every post that I do not post a card giveaway, I will be giving away 100 DEC. To enter, just send 10 DEC to cornavirus and upvote and comment that you have sent the DEC, as well as a number 1 to 1000. You can send more DEC to increase the number of numbers you can pick. I will add the 10 DEC to the prize pool and whoever gets the closest number, wins all! Resteem as well to increase the prize pool! Any suggestions about this raffle system or my post? Please comment below!


i choose number 41 splinterlands account is the same atnep111
good luck to every one :3

Thank you for re-steeming! Good luck!

I will try 63.

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